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One in three commuters 'to ignore Olympic travel advice'

by LLB Editor
13th Jul 12 4:00 pm

Transport for London’s plea for commuters to avoid travel hotspots during the Olympics appear to have fallen on the deaf ears of many commuters.

Just 12% of London workers said they had already planned an alternative route to work during the Games, although 54% claimed they would do so before the Games get underway on July 27.

But a stubborn 34% of the 800 London workers polled by online casino Roxy Palace said they would stick to their usual journey regardless of any added disruption on the route.

It is thought many Londoners are happy to stick with the routes they know and believe will be quicker, rather than changing lines on the Tube or starting from a different bus stop, whether this is the reality of not.

The Games are now just two weeks away and will put the capital’s already overstretched transport network under increased strain, but the survey suggests many people would rather arrive late to work than change route.

Male commuters appear to be the most stubborn. Nearly twice as many men said they would stick with their route, making up 62% of the most headstrong workers, while women accounted for 38% of this group.

One in five (22%) of workers plan to avoid the potential travel chaos altogether by working from home more than is normally required, the survey found.

Commuters who regularly carry briefcases and laptops during their commute were found to be the most inclined to look for alternative routes than those who travel light.

A spokesman for RoxyPalace.com said the results show some people are willing to sacrifice actual ease in favour of what they perceive to be easier.

He said: “The disruptions the Olympics will cause London’s transport network have been well publicised for months, yet it seems many people are happy to ignore the message and face the crowds and delays head on.

“Most Londoners have spent time getting their commute down to a quick and finely honed routine and it seems many are simply unwilling to break from this, even though they may realise that an alternative route can be quicker.”

The spokesman concluded: “It was particularly interesting to note that men were revealed as being significantly more stubborn than women when it came to making alternative plans.”

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