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Ofcom to investigate telephone service numbers

12th May 17 2:43 pm

What’s happened?

Ofcom has launched an investigation into certain telephone service numbers due to the cost of calls.

The regulator is looking into directory enquiry numbers, which begin with 118. Some providers were found to be charging customers up to £10.50 per call.

It will also be looking at 070 numbers. This means users can be contacted on any phone at any location, these can cost up to £3.40 a minute.

Ofcom said that prices need to be “transparent and fair”.

Ofcom said that there is now over 400 directory enquiry services offering a range of options and prices. Calls span from 35p per call to a hefty £10.50.

There currently is no stipulated cap on these charges. This means operators can charge up to a maximum of £23.97 for calls for less than a minute.

The telecoms regulator said: “Ofcom has been monitoring the costs of the more expensive services, which have risen significantly in recent months as fewer people use these services,” 

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