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Nottingham pubs will ask punters for council tax bills

by LLB staff reporter
2nd Jul 20 2:13 pm

On 4 July pubs across England will be reopening and bars in Nottingham will ask punters for council tax bills or something which provides proof of address, to prove they are not from Leicester which is in lockdown.

This new rule is aimed to ensure drinkers do not come from Leicester which neighbours Nottingham over fears the virus could spread.

On Tuesday Leicester went back into lockdown due to a surge in cases which has seen 140.2 coronavirus cases per 100,000 population.

Robert Glasby, general manager of the Playhouse Bar and Kitchen, told Nottingham Live, “I understand these are drastic measures, and in some cases will not be fair, but these are precautions we must take to ensure our city and its people are safe.”

Pub sessions have already booked by people from Leicester which have now been cancelled by various venue owners, according to Nottingham Live.

Bars, pubs and restaurants will accept any form of ID that drinkers are not from an address in Leicester.

Hinckley which also neighbours Leicester will also be adopting the new approach by asking for ID and have also cancelled advanced bookings.

Barnacles Restaurant and Bar Bistro in Hinckley said in a Facebook post, “We will also be asking to see a form of photo ID (showing an address) such as a driving licence. This will need to be produced on arrival in the restaurant to double check that addresses are not within the lockdown area.

“Please ensure you bring your photo ID with you. We know this will cause inconveniences and we apologise, but hope everyone understands. (Please don’t be offended)

“We are doing this to ensure the safety of all of our customers and employees as well as following the guidelines set out by the government.”

Police chiefs across England fear there will be widespread drunken disorder when pubs reopen on what has been dubbed “Super Saturday,” and forces have started cancelling leave.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation said, “If the weather is as it is now when they reopen then we could be in for a real apocalyptic day.”

He added, “There is no place in society for disorder and wanting to cause violence and pain and grief towards public and police alike.”

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