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No deal Brexit increases risk of pandemic

by LLB Reporter
17th Aug 18 7:10 am

According to the British Medical Association, a no deal Brexit could increase the risk of a Europe-wide pandemic.

Commenting, Best for Britain champion Dr Paul Williams MP said:  “Brexit is already having a negative impact on the NHS, with hospitals stockpiling medicines and an exodus of EU staff. But this report shows that a no-deal Brexit threatens all of us.

“We rely on cross-EU cooperation to monitor outbreaks of infectious diseases, and we also cooperate to ensure British people on holiday get care if they get sick. Doctors have long-warned that Brexit represents a significant risk to the NHS – and this report helps people to understand why.

“We need to let the public have their say with a people’s vote on the final deal that includes the option to stay in the EU. That’s the only we can compare our current bespoke deal to what this government wants us to move forward with.”

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