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New VR products launch to disrupt the events and business world

by LLB Tech Reporter
18th Aug 20 6:55 am

Interactive media company, Box Bear, is launching two new virtual reality products for the events and business world: VR Team Space and VR Studio.

Travel restrictions, climate action, and budget reductions can limit your ability to have live events, seminars and face-to-face meetings. VR Team Space and VR Studio gives you the latest virtual presentation tools, enabling you to hold impressive virtual meetings and events from anywhere in the world.

 VR Team Space – beta testing complete, version 1.0 launch in August

Box Bear Digital has created VR Team Space, which lets you hold your most important meetings in an impressive 3D virtual environment with presentation graphics that will delight and inspire.

VR (virtual reality) headsets that enable delegates to appear in an event environment with their own photorealistic avatar. As well as allowing users to interact with each other and virtual objects, the system offers many other features such as spectator viewing, and the ability to dictate notes and record quotes for email. The added value for organisers is that the audience gets a more engaging experience thanks to real-time recreation of realistic gestures such as head-nodding, leaning forward and hand movements.

Presenters and attendees never need to travel, the UV-sterilised wireless headsets are couriered in advance, and a simple photograph enables us to create a realistic avatars, lip movements while speaking and accurate tracking of head and hand movements adds to the realism, allowing you to interact with graphics and event pass objects around the room.

VR TeamSpace meetings offer many benefits over face-to-face meetings and video conference calls including:

  • Flexibility
    • National/global teams can meet at a moment’s notice without having to gather in a single location. Participants can be in the office, at home or on the road… wherever is convenient for them in their time zone
  • Productivity
    • Staff spend less time travelling, need less recovery days and are more focused in meetings so these are shorter
  • Attendance
    • Removing the need to travel makes meetings easier to join
  • Environmental benefits
    • Enhanced green credentials through a potentially significant reduction in travel
  • Reduced costs
    • Travel, accommodation, staff subsistence, meeting room rental

VR Studio provides the same benefits for larger presentations, such as conferences, seminars, forums, training sessions, and more. For both services, Box Bear create the ideal 3D environment and integrate your content in immersive ways.

Your event benefits from full control of camera positions and imagery which helps you deliver the most informative experience. You also benefit from enhanced interaction with attendees such as pre-event questionnaires, live polls, and realistic Q&A sessions. The applications of VR Studio are limitless, from full conference programmes, to insight gathering from focus groups.

Jolyon Hennings, Founder of Box Bear Digital Ltd said, “Live interaction between people if important in any event, whereas most of the current solutions only offer the ability to spectate. Box Bear wanted to solve this, so we have created VR Team Space which allows people to create real-life avatars that can meet in the ‘real space’.

“Built on our VR Team Space, VR Studio allows us to project up to 12 presenters into a virtual studio. All we need is a photo of each presenter, and from that we can build photo-realistic avatars. They appear as themselves, including mouth movement and hand gestures, and we then control the production, with live cutaways, close ups, and wide angles. The audience simply watch it on a normal screen, be that their laptop or mobile device, and they can enter into panel discussion with live questions at the end. It’s as good as any broadcast, only this way, no one has to travel anywhere.

“Through VR (virtual reality), standalone headsets reinvent what a meeting can be, and can be significantly more productive than in real-life, through enhanced capabilities, such as voice memos, type notes, and draw notes to capture detailed information and be easily emailed to the participants for future reference.

“Before COVID, some events – such as trade shows and travelling to business meetings – have struggled to show real benefit on a payback model.

“Typically, these events can be hard to measure, expensive, and the ROI hard to quantify, but if you can hold these events virtually instead, you can save both time and money. VR Team Space and VR Studio from Box Bear gives you the feel and benefits of live interaction but with no need to travel.

“Organisers can easily send the headsets out to any geographical area a few days in advance, for people to take part from the comfort of their own home or office. Within VR Team Space, interactions, and demonstrations (including showing a mode of action, zooming, changing viewpoint, and so on) can be possible, instead of just static presentations. While there is always going to be a need for some face-to-face interaction, there will have to be a very good business reason for people to do so in the future.”

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