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New era of outcome realisation consultancy launched

by Alistair Sergeant, CEO, Equantiis
16th Jan 20 5:26 am

A digital transformation consultancy has transformed its own brand and approach to market, launching a fresh-thinking outcome realisation firm that empowers businesses to think and act differently.

In battling against an industry wide statistic where an average of 85% of digital transformation strategies fail, fuelled by a lack of understanding as to what it is and how to implement it city-based consultancy, Purple, decided to undergo its own transformational process to cement its USP in helping businesses to overcome complex challenges.

Now rebranded as Equantiis, the consultancy is focused on leading a new outcome revolution that will help businesses resolve the root cause of any negative symptom with a strategic plan, cost certainty and transformative outcomes.

Alistair Sergeant, Founder and CEO of Equantiis said, “It’s commonplace for businesses to face complex challenges on a regular basis, particularly as technology continues to evolve and demand on delivering best customer service in the most efficient way increases. However, it’s also commonplace for businesses to have little or no understanding of the meaning and benefit of implementing a strategic plan to drive change, creating a real knowledge gap and increasing the likelihood of any focus on transforming existing processes to fail.”

“In rebranding Purple to Equantiis, we have not only undergone our own transformational process to gain clarity over what we offer and why we are different, but to also effectively demonstrate to businesses how we can help them in overcoming any complex challenges with cost certainty and transformative outcomes.”

Headquartered in Moorgate, London, Equantiis boasts a team of 22 Consultants, experienced in helping organisations drive meaningful change that increases stakeholder engagement and delivers competitive advantage.

The consultancy operates across a host of public and private sectors including higher education, financial services and fin tech, mid-tier banking, insurance, NFP and legal industries and in June 2019 launched the UK’s first Digital Leader Summit, which welcomed over 160 business leaders looking to drive digital change within their own organisations.

The rebrand and revision to its market position comes at an exciting time for the consultancy, as it has continued to experience effective growth, forecast to increase by 25% over the next 12 months alone. This supported by the recent appointment of industry veteran, Paul Forrest, as Executive Chairman, who will work alongside Alistair to help the firm scale and achieve its ambitious growth plans.

Paul Forrest confirmed: “I am delighted to have been appointed as the Executive Chairman of Equantiis and am looking forward to working alongside Alistair to help develop, what will soon become, an industry leader in a new era of outcome realisation firms.”

“Cost certainty is a real first for transformative consultancies and by implementing and honing this approach, we not only aim to help more businesses benefit from meaningful change, but to also make a clear difference to the number of transformation strategies that succeed UK wide.”

Originally launched in 2013 as Purple, Equantiis has evolved from one of UK’s fastest growing digital transformation consultancies into a fresh thinking outcome realisation firm, dedicated to helping businesses resolve complex challenges with cost certainty and transformative outcomes.

Shortlisted in the prestigious Tech Leader Awards and having been awarded a place on the Public Sector framework for the supply of digital services, the firm is forecast to experience exceptional growth during 2020 and beyond.

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