New awards for Brit companies striving to close gender gap in tech


Women in Tech Employer Awards will take place in London in June

Women in Tech today announced the launch of the Women in Tech Employer Awards, which are open to all UK businesses.

The awards— which will take place in London in June — will recognise those employers who are going above and beyond to help close the gender gap within the UK’s IT and Tech sector.

Staggeringly, women make up only 17 per cent of those working in the UK technology sector today. Yet according to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 43 per cent of all STEM vacancies are very difficult to fill due to a lack of candidates.

Thankfully, there are many UK employers who have recognised that only by closing the gender gap in technology will the UK be able to fill the ever-growing number of vacant STEM posts and compete on the global tech stage. It is these employers that the awards will recognise and celebrate.

Nominations open on 1st March. The categories for nomination are:

  • Female tech employer of the year
  • Female graduate employer of the year
  • Women in Tech network of the year
  • Recruitment campaign of the year
  • Public sector female tech employer of the year
  • Recruitment agency of the year

Confirmed judges for the panel include Debbie Forster, CEO, Tech Talent Charter and Charlotte Attwood, Head of Women in Tech and more judges will be announced in the coming weeks.

To nominate a company for an award, please visit the Women in Tech website.

Charlotte Attwood, Head of Women in Tech said, “We’re incredibly excited to launch the Women in Tech Employers Awards this year. While there is still a long way to go to close the gender gap in the UK technology sector, there are a number of companies who are leading the way in encouraging women to enter the industry. This work is essential to ensure that the UK does not lag behind it’s competitors in the tech sector. We are proud to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary and much-needed work that these companies are doing with the Women in Tech Employers Awards.”

The Women in Tech initiative is dedicated to women already in or looking to start their career in the IT and tech sector. The campaign aims to encourage women to start a career in the tech sector, closing the staggering gender gap in the industry.