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Nearly three million UK carers are missing out on saving £2,262 a year on food shopping, petrol and holidays

by LLB Reporter
16th Mar 23 9:51 am

Discounts for Carers, in partnership with Sodexo Engage, has discovered that thousands of carers are unaware of savings they’re entitled to. According to CarersUK, 1 in 5 people in the UK are carers, yet only 250k carers are making use of the Discounts for Carers platform.

Despite 2.8M carers being entitled to major savings through the two providers, they are only seeing approximately 17,000 registrations a month. Since 12,000 people a day become carers, thousands are still missing out on vital savings and discounts – from shopping and travel, to finance and broadband.

Discounts for Carers members get exclusive access to the ODE Cashback Card, provided by Sodexo Engage, with the top users earning on average £269.68 cashback (highest £730.40 – lowest £188.89), cashback that could make an incredible difference to UK carers.

As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, the need for financial support is at an all-time high and it’s having an adverse effect on carers. 83% of carers are worried/extremely worried about how they’ll manage their monthly expenses if costs continue to increase, and almost half (45%) are relying on their savings. Despite government efforts to provide financial help, cashback and discount schemes for carers can be easily adopted, and can have a transformative effect on their finances.

Storm Postlethwaite, Managing Director, Discounts for Carers comments, “Carers in the UK can often overlook themselves as being entitled to financial support.

“Our research shows that carers are already quite cost-savvy, and always opt for value for money, so the amount of unused benefits can only be down to not knowing it’s out there.

“It’s clear there is a huge disconnect between what is on offer to UK carers, and what’s currently being used, and we aim to bridge this gap. With less time worrying about expenses and having to juggle costs, carers will be better able to focus on providing support.”

Jamie McKenzie, Director at Sodexo Engage comments, “Raising an awareness of the resources available to carers is the first step to helping them tap into the benefits they’re missing out on.

“Especially during this strenuous time where gas, food, and electricity bills are ever-increasing, carers can be taking advantage of the support available to them.”

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