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More than 40% of London drivers feel more negatively about Khan’s ULEZ than before its expansion

by Thea Coates Finance Reporter
31st Jan 24 9:17 am

More than 40% of London motorists dislike the Sadiq Khan’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) more now than they did before its expansion last August, according to new research by Britain’s leading consumer champion and new car deals platform, What Car?.

When asked whether their attitude towards ULEZ had changed, 41% of London drivers surveyed said they had a stronger dislike for the scheme since its expansion, whereas only 16% have become more pro-ULEZ, with the feelings of the remaining 43% unchanged.

One-in-four Londoners are so unhappy with the scheme (which sees drivers of non-compliant vehicles using the zone charged £12.50 per day) that they approve of the vandalism of ULEZ cameras.

To avoid paying the daily fee, more than a fifth (22%) of London motorists say they have either sold or are planning to sell their vehicle.

Many motorists in other cities with low emission zones are also dissatisfied, with more than half voicing their dislike of these schemes, compared with 41% who approve of them.

More widely, the survey revealed that 36% of respondents living outside London would be opposed to the introduction of a London-style low emission or clean air zone in their town or city, compared with 25% in favour.

What Car? editor Steve Huntingford, said, “Attitudes towards ULEZ have certainly shifted negatively, as highlighted by growing dissatisfaction with the scheme and the surprisingly high level of sympathy for the vandalisation of ULEZ cameras.

“With many people apparently being priced off the road by the charge, more financial help is clearly needed to help people replace their non-compliant vehicles.”

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