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Monetary benefits of living with roommates

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27th Oct 20 3:53 pm

You must have heard of the saying, ‘A light purse is a heavy curse.’ Mark these words, I repeat, mark them!

Finding ways to save as money as much you can help you keep your purse heavy. Just as little drops make a mighty ocean, likewise, your little efforts of saving money can help you save a lot for a rainy day.

Living with a roommate is one of the ways that can help you pinch your pennies.

Aw, aw! We know all the teenage life you’d been dreaming of getting on your own, and we know that it’s bothersome to have someone interfere in your privacies, but having a fine roommate of your choice, that you can easily get on websites like Roomi and Roomgo after paying a few bucks, can help you cut corners and dip into savings.

Hold your horses and read further to know about the monetary benefits of living with a roommate.

1. Cut on rent

Yes, the best of all the benefits is that you get to split the rent. Imagine enjoying more value for less; sounds serene, right?

You can save around $600 to $1000 each month, depending on which state you live in. If we do some basic math and multiply this amount by 12, you actually get to save around $7,200 to $12,000 annually. Isn’t this overwhelming?

2. Bulk purchasing

We all know the benefits of bulk purchasing. It’s cheaper! And we all know it cannot be done if you are living on your own. You won’t be able to consume a large quantity all by yourself. Will you?

Therefore, having a roommate can help you deal with this problem too. After all, you won’t be alone to utilize those bulk purchases, and once again, it will be more for less.

3. Go Dutch with the bills

Were you really born to just pay bills? I don’t think you were. But every month, electricity, water, gas, WiFi, and cable bills show up. And there is no way you can get rid of them.

But there is a way you can reduce the cost.

Settling in with a roommate and splitting the bills with them will help you save a lot in the long term. Besides, imagine getting someone to share Spotify or Netflix with!

4. Reduce furnishing cost

Besides a bedroom, the apartment has a living room and a kitchen too. They need furniture and decorations equally.

And the good news is?

These are shared spaces, and so, their costs can be shared too.

Last words

Splitting the pie cherishes your taste buds, and at the same time, does not play hard on your pocket.

Having a roommate may cause problems and conflicts, but when you have people like RoomMatch to help you out, and that too, for free, this problem is not much big a deal!

You can get a roommate of your choice with them, as well as play safe with your finances.

Won’t this be a smart play? Go enjoy the endless perks!

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