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Melody Hossaini on The Apprentice 2013: “The future is female. Big hair – don’t care!”

by LLB Reporter
9th May 13 9:33 am

Remember Melody Hossaini? The Apprentice 2011 candidate who said “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit, when there are footprints on the moon”? Well this is her The Apprentice blog…

Interesting week- watching the candidates storm as they get to know each other and their place within the group. All a part of the process!

An insider secret- we don’t do a task a week, it’s everyday, so they’ve only known each other a very short space of time still. It’s week six that things really start flowing!

The task this week: to make a unique beer and sell it- whoever makes the most profit, wins.

Midlander Tim Stillwell, was moved to the girls’ team and appointed as Project Manager. What fascinated me this week was the dynamics of a girls team with one male in the mix.

At the beer manufacturers’ things were going very wrong for Tim’s team. Getting themselves in a muddle! However, that was only day one and they had a whole day of selling ahead of them to go. As a team leader, I really liked Tim’s approach.


I am also taking a quiet liking to Uzma Yakoob this week – I can tell she’s itching to shine and is waiting for the right time to take the chance, and in the meantime is trying her hardest not to step on toes. But at the same time, she’s able to stand up for herself. In a competitive environment, especially in business, it’s extremely difficult to balance being a team player versus doing your talents justice and speaking up!

Needless to say, The Apprentice is an extremely unique setting with cameras and boardrooms- but generally speaking, if you can master the art of getting yourself heard but in a way that is helpful and constructive, then that’s an extremely valuable asset in business. 

In yesterday’s article, I spoke about how damaging it is to judge women’s abilities by the amount of make up they wear or how volumised their hair is. And by the way, while we are on this point, some of the women are in the cosmetics and beauty industry! That’s their business!

Watching this second episode, I was frustrated by some of the comments on my twitter timeline, constantly putting the women down. It’s not ok to make sweeping statements that the women are ‘annoying’ or that ‘women constantly bicker’ or that they’re all a bad representation of women in business.

It’s a concern that these kind of comments are somehow normalised and acceptable to state. And sadly, it’s mostly by women.

Out of 190 heads of state, nine are women. Of all the people in Parliament in the world, only 13% are women, in the corporate sector, only 16% at CEO level are women. If we’re ever to change these figures, then it starts with changing our terminology and eradication the damaging, and frankly untrue, labeling of women.

Supporting and empowering women form an important part of the work I do with InspirEngage International. For our Startup and Stilettos programme, the campaign message is: The Future is Female.

As a social entrepreneur, I am pleased to be surrounded by incredibly strong women who are actually leading the sector! Email us at: [email protected] to get connected!

Melody is Founder and CEO of InspirEngage International delivering Skills Bootcamps to support young people and women into employment and social enterprise. Melody is also a professional speaker, having spoken in over 50 countries. You can follow Melody on twitter: https://twitter.com/Melody_Hossaini

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