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Mayor of London calls for Livingstone to be expelled

6th Apr 17 2:43 pm

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Sadiq Kahn has condemned the decision not to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour party. Khan said that there is no place for Livingstone in the Labour party as his views were “anti-semitic.”

Khan said to LBC: “I think some of his views were anti-Semitic. Whether he is or not is a different issue.”

“I think the Labour Party has got to do much, much more. And I also think there should be no hierarchy when it comes to racism.”

“Racism is racism – you can’t distinguish anti-Semitism from racism, it’s a form of racism.”

“And if we are going to be zero-tolerant towards racism, Ken Livingstone has got to go.”

Over 100 Labour MPs signed an open letter: “We stand united in making it clear that we will not allow our party to be a home for anti-Semitism and Holocaust revisionism.”

Angela Rayner the shadow education secretary said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The Jewish community are really upset, and quite rightly so.”

“We all know the history behind what happened with the Holocaust and it sickens me that the upset and the trauma that has been caused, that’s been felt by the Jewish community, hasn’t been recognised, actually, by Ken Livingstone and his remarks.”

“I want to see the sanction to be zero tolerance, and if that means that he is excluded from the party then that should be it.”

Livingstone said to LBC: “If then there is another hearing, it does expel me, it will go for judicial review and it will be resolved in a court which is open to the press and public unlike these Labour disciplinary things which take place in private.”

Livingstone insists that he was telling the truth and has warned he will take legal action if the Labour party tries to exclude him.

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