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Marketing strategies that make your business more approachable

by John Saunders
15th Mar 21 11:30 am

Today, advertising is less about showing off and is now instead about maximising approachability.

More and more, customers and clients would rather do business with firms of upstanding character with great personalities rather than faceless suits doing whatever it takes in the quest for results.

There are millions of businesses out there with almost identical plans and strategies. They all claim to be the absolute best at what they do. However, what really makes them distinguishable from one another is how they market themselves and what personas they adopt.

It’s their voices that people latch onto, and how well and for what reason they use them. Here are the marketing strategies that make your business more approachable.

Focus on positivity

A simple point to remember, but vital all the same – negativity is the brand killer.

Just as one might be turned off by a complainer in a social setting, so too are they repelled by businesses with an axe to grind. It’s important to remain upbeat and positive in all your marketing practices, focusing on what makes you great rather than what you hate in your work or industry. Too much moaning could make it look like your firm does not put enough work in, blaming others for its own shortcomings. Obviously, that’s not a good look, even if the assumption is misguided.

For example, it may be a good idea to focus on your tangible and provable successes. Statistics surrounding customer satisfaction, awards won, or choice client quotes will land a far more approachable image for your firm than begrudging the very industry you’re operating within. Stay positive and focus on your success so far, and more of both will come your way soon enough.

Advertise with fun animation

If your business deals in a trade that is quite boring on the surface, then you need to come to terms with that fact and provide something extra. A fun animation can break down the tedium and create an exciting energy around what you do for customers and clients.

For example, companies like Digital Finch are experts in animated video production, creating dynamic and engaging offerings to explain your products and services to the masses. You’ll find a truly collaborative effort here, communicating your message in a video of varying lengths for any platform you desire, be it your company website or for social media page snippets. With a plethora of overwhelmingly positive reviews backing their services, you can be confident in closely with them.

Creating some visual content to backup your message can open your firm to artistic interpretations, expanding the scope of what it’s that you’re trying to convey. Metaphor is a powerful marketing tool, and artistic videos can be laced with it. There’s also the simpler point that people just love fun animation, and that alone will make your business more approachable too.

Interact with customers on Social Media

Being seen to publicly interact with your customers makes your business seem kind, gracious, and even a little bit bold. Positive online behaviour markets what your company is all about to people all over the world.

Whether you’re responding to sincere customer concerns or sneering criticism, tackling it all head on in a public forum is a great way to go. Even engaging in humorous exchanges can be lucrative, in time. In 2017, American fast food joint Wendy’s responded to a joking tweet to them, which PR Week Deputy Editor John Harrington described as creating “a vast amount of exposure and public goodwill”, boosting the appeal of the firm and even humanising it somewhat.

Of course, this idea is only viable if your social media curators are fully trained and able to do this job. It’s a tricky balancing act, but if done properly, engaging with your customers out in the open is always an admirable quality, and thus a stellar marketing opportunity.

Advertise Green efforts

Environmentally friendly business practices are now all the range, and those who snooze most definitely do lose here.

By now, everyone knows what’s at stake when it comes to going green. People are drawn to firms that’re willing to make an extra effort, making a commitment to a larger principle.

Additionally, there’s also the point that being environmentally friendly often means the business has innovated in some capacity. Perhaps you’ve invested in some new technology, or it could be that you’re setting a precedent in some brand-new business practice? Either is a highly marketable business attribute too, and worthy of mentioning in your advertising materials.

It’s not just about appeasing the customer or clientele either. These days, people want a job with purpose, and so going green markets the business as a positive place to work also. Perhaps the latest and greatest talent will be willing to bet their career on you, if your values align? Market going green whenever it’s relevant to do so, whether it’s ads in the media or the ‘about us’ tab on your company website, and great things should follow.

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