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Maria Miller expenses scandal: the internet reacts

by LLB Reporter
4th Apr 14 10:07 am

The internet has reacted to Maria Miller’s “apology” for claiming £45,000 of expenses she wasn’t entitled to.

If you’re not familiar with the scandal, the culture secretary has been forced to apologise and repay £5,800 of mortgage claims for her second home.

The so-called apology, which many found pretty unsatisfying to say the least considering it lasted just 31 seconds, has been the subject of much ridicule.

Here’s the best:

Ann Treneman, in the Times, said: “Her 32-second non-apology apology was so perfect, so empty, so totally void, that I can only conclude that it was something else entirely… There was not one ounce of ‘sorry’, scintilla of contrition, proton of penitence to be seen.”

The Guardian’s John Crace said Miller “gave the appearance she was doing everyone a huge favour by interrupting her lunch”. He added: “If Miller had spoken less formally, she could have got her statement down to a single word. ‘Whatever.’”

The Sun called for her to be fired, adding: “Mrs Miller is the minister who opposes the Press policing itself in a new beefed-up complaints system. Yet she has no problem being judged by HER peers. Funny, that.”



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