Home Business News Man armed with a shotgun takes people hostage at a bowling alley 

Man armed with a shotgun takes people hostage at a bowling alley 

22nd Oct 17 4:19 pm

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An armed man has taken two MFA bowl staff hostage at Bermuda park, Nuneaton Sunday afternoon, police have locked down the area. 

Mehdi Amshar said to Sky News the hostages were being held at MFA Bowl, in Bermuda Park, which also includes a cinema, a children’s play centre and a fitness center.

He believed the gunman was a disgruntled ex-partner of one of the members of staff, he said: “We believe from what my manageress tells me that he is an ex-husband or a boyfriend of a member of staff.

“That is what I know, I can’t confirm that for definite.” 

Warwickshire Police said it was an “ongoing incident” but confirmed it was unconnected to terrorism.

West Midlands Ambulance Service said there had been no casualties, eyewitnesses have said there is around 30 armed police outside the MFA bowl. 

It was called to the leisure complex at 15:40 BST, Sunday afternoon.

Hostage Nuneaton

Source: Ian Brown

A video posted on Twitter shows what could be one of the hostages with his hands held up.

Eyewitness Kelly Pettett, who is at the Frankie and Benny’s restaurant, said to the BBC: “I am hiding in the toilet with about 20 people.

“It looks like police have got the bowling alley surrounded. The police told me that the gunman is near the door with a hostage.”

Paul Edgington‏ said on Twitter: “I’m stuck in the cinema. Are we safe? How long are we expected to be locked down?” 

Gary Cockerill posted on Twitter: “Apparently man armed with sawn off taken hostages in bowling alley.”

Ian Brown

Source:Ian Brown

WarwickshirePolice said on Twitter: “Officers are currently dealing with an ongoing incident at Bermuda Park, #Nuneaton. Please avoid the area.” 

Sarah Fleming said to Sky News that Bermuda retail park in Nuneaton was on lockdown. Fleming said she is in a Frankie and Benny’s restaurant, police have told her she would have to stay there for 4-5 hours and that no-one was allowed in or out of the premises.


Source: Twitter

“We got notification that someone had a shotgun inside the bowling alley.

“We were inside Frankie and Benny’s and obviously we went on lockdown, no one was allowed in or out.

“Then we had notification from the police that he actually had hostages.

“Everyone has been a bit up in the air, don’t know what’s going on and obviously there is a lot of children in here as well which has been quite an experience for them.

Fleming added: “So everyone is a little bit scared at the minute.”

Marcus Jones, Nuneaton MP said to Sky News: “It is a situation where I think we need to let the police do their job and I think this is an extremely concerning situation.

“But I have every confidence that Warwickshire Police are capable and are able to deal with what looks like a very difficult situation.”


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