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LUNC price jumps 28.50% following a whopping investment by TCL

by LLB Finance Reporter
28th Nov 23 9:08 am

In a startling turn of events, the LUNC price witnessed an extraordinary surge of 28.50%, leaving the crypto community in awe.

This surge closely mirrored the impressive movement of TerraUSD (USTC), which recorded a remarkable increase of over 137%.

Not only did this unexpected rally revive the bullish momentum, but it has also significantly enhanced the prospects of a sustained upward movement. Saqib Iqbal, a financial markets analyst at Trading.Biz, analyzes the LUNC’s growth prospects.

  • LUNC experiences a sudden 28.50% surge, echoing TerraUSD’s 100% increase.
  • Terra Classic’s swift approval of proposals underscores collective support, influencing digital asset growth.
  • LUNC’s surge and USTC and LUNA price increases indicate heightened trader interest and engagement in the Terra ecosystem.

The upward trajectory of this surge coincided with Bitcoin’s recovery, albeit with a slight dampening effect on its strength. Despite this influence, optimism persists regarding the potential alignment of LUNC’s price with Terra Classic’s predicted values.

The recent resurgence can be attributed to the de-pegging of the USTC stablecoin from dollar parity in May 2022. The current optimism surrounding the recovery trajectory of USTC has the potential to rejuvenate the entire Terra Classic ecosystem.

This price surge underscores the significant contribution of every member of the Terra community, showcasing the power of collective support for USTC and LUNC in influencing the direction of digital asset growth.

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As anticipation builds for the altcoin season, there are increasing prospects of a FOMO-driven rally in coins such as LUNC, adding excitement to trading and elevating the risk appetite among arbitrage traders hopeful for future increases in the Terra Luna Classic.

In a noteworthy development, the Terra Luna Classic community overwhelmingly approved Proposal 11885, implementing Terrad client version 2.3.1 to address the sequence mismatch problem. This critical issue related to the dyncomm ante decorator received swift community approval within 24 hours.

The community also approved v2.3.0 dyncomm, introducing protocol logic for calculating minimal commission rates based on vote weight. The community’s rapid response to the recent sequence mismatch issue demonstrates their attentiveness to crucial matters.

The approval by Terra Luna Classic’s main developer, L1TF, for the dyncomm module, providing dynamic validator commissions, received an impressive 99.96% approval from the community.

After these developments, the LUNC price surged by over 25% the previous day, currently trading at $0.000098. The increased 24-hour trading volume, up by 1120%, indicates a growing interest among traders.

This surge was accompanied by substantial increases in USTC and LUNA prices, reaching $0.048 (+200%) and $0.77 (+15%) respectively. The surge in trading volumes for USTC and LUNA further indicates increased market activity, with the participation of numerous users.

Looking ahead, the technical analysis reveals a positive sign, as the LUNC price forms an engulfing candle on the weekly chart, aiming to test the previous swing high and the Fib 23.6 level around 0.00019471. Further buying may propel the price towards the Fib 50.0 level near 0.00035438.

LUNC Weekly Chart (Source: TradingView)

This surge enabled the LUNC price to break through bearish factors, initiating a positive shift in market trends. However, the upward recovery for Terra Luna Classic, starting at $0.00005223, faced resistance in surpassing the $0.000098 barrier. A pullback ensued after an unsuccessful attempt to breach the psychological point of $0.00010. Nevertheless, Terra Luna Classic surpassed the $0.00010 psychological mark, propelled by a rebound in USTC.

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