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London’s T-Charge may further the development of clean and driverless technologies 

by LLB Reporter
19th Oct 17 3:18 pm

Here’s why

The City of London will be enforcing the T-Charge from 23 October, meaning drivers of older cars will have to pay £10 on top of the £11.50 Congestion Zone fee in the capital. Drivers of any car that doesn’t meet Euro 4 emissions standards will be hit with a total charge of £21.50 per day in the centre of London from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. 

Goodyear Tyreshas recently investigated the attitudes of British motorists towards congestion charges* and found that less than a fifth (18per cent) are happy to pay a congestion charge. Given the option: 

  • Almost a third (32 per cent) say they’d take public transport 

  • A quarter (25 per cent) would car share 

  • Almost a quarter (24per cent) claim they would walk 

Kate Rock, Goodyear Tyres, comments: “Congestion charges, such as the T-Charge, have the potential to reduce the levels of traffic in our cities, whilst they may also encourage public uptake of clean and autonomous driving technologies.  

“Speaking to British motorists, we found that nearly one in five would consider driving an electric car if faced with a daily congestion charge and almost a quarter (23 per cent) say that they would use a driverless car specifically to avoid a congestion charge. 

“It’s fascinating to see that such a charge would cause so many motorists to change their attitudes towards driving in the city, with less than a fifth saying they would be happy to pay the fee.  

“As well as the opportunity that this creates for the advancement of new motoring technologies, we’re encouraged to see in our research that many motorists would be happy to embrace alternative modes of navigating the city, such as public transport (32 per cent) or car-sharing (25per cent).” 

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