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Lesser-utilised ways to vastly reduce workplace injuries

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Aug 23 3:32 pm

Just the mere mention of workplace injuries is enough to strike fear in the hearts of every business owner in the land, but they are sadly a pretty common occurrence, and when they happen, they can be devastating for your employees, your business reputation, and your bottom line. So, it makes sense to do anything you can to minimise the likelihood of them happening on your watch.

That being the case, let’s take a look at some smart decisions you can make to vastly reduce workplace injuries right now.

1. Stress less with plant power

Okay, so this might sound a bit silly or simplistic, but stick with us; plants in the workplace can curtail a lot of the accidents you might otherwise experience. How can this be the case? Because plants have been shown to lower stress levels in the workplace, and when employees are not under so much stress, they are less likely to make errors that can lead to accidents and injuries, so for the cost of a few spider plants, your business could quickly be a whole lot safer.

2. Take proper care of your clinical waste

Now, I bet you didn’t see this one coming. But hear me out; proper clinical waste collection isn’t just for hospitals and medical clinics. Any workplace that deals with things like first aid, cleaning products, or even personal care items can benefit from proper disposal methods. If done right, it keeps those nasty bugs and chemicals at bay, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances and issues like needlestick injuries, for example. So, next time you’re rifling through that first aid kit, think about where those used bits and bobs are going to end up!

3. Get moving with deskercise

Again, this might sound a little odd, but if you can organise for your employees to do a little exercise each day, then you will increase their health and wellbeing, and make it much less likely that they will suffer from things like heavy lifting injuires and repetitive strains. Workplace exercise is very popular in Japan, where it is known to minimise accidents, injuries and sick days, and boost productivity, so although it might seem silly, it can be really worthwhile.

4. Mindfulness moment

No, I’m not talking about meditating on a mountain. Simple mindfulness techniques can help everyone stay present and focused, minimising those careless errors that might lead to injuries. A moment of reflection with a cup of tea might be just the ticket to a safer workday. Again, it’s also a really good way to boost productivity, so you can easily kill two birds with one stone by offering staff mindfulness classes.

5. Safety culture from the top down

If you want your employees to take safety seriously to minimise workplace injuries, then you and everyone else in a senior position needs to take health and safety seriously too. It’s not just about the rules and regulations; it’s about the vibes, man! Encourage a safety culture where everyone feels responsible for each other’s wellbeing. A friendly reminder from a colleague might be more impactful than a thousand warning signs.

Take these ideas onboard and keep your workforce safe!

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