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Labour’s hard left to ‘shut down Britain’ to stop ‘the coup’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
29th Aug 19 4:24 pm

Guardian columnist and campaigner Owen Jones has warned the government that “we are not going to stop” to fight for democracy in protest over Boris Johnson proguing parliament.

Owen Jones, who is a left-wing campaigner, has asked supporters to “take to the streets” to “defend democracy.”

Jones said on Wednesday, “Within four hours thousands of people have taken to the streets, they have shut down Westminster, to stop the coup, to stop the onslaught against our hard won democracy, the rights and freedoms our ancestors fought for with such courage and determination.

“And that sense of optimism, of determination and resilience, is in the air. The government which only represents the elites has picked a fight.

“Our unelected prime minister is waging war on democracy, but they overplayed their hand. There is a real sense here, not just anger, but determination: we are not going to stop.”

Laura Parker, Momentum national co-ordinator said, “Eton educated, millionaire Boris Johnson is stealing our democracy so he can sell off our NHS to big US corporations in a No Deal, Trump first Brexit.

“Real power doesn’t sit with the Queen or in Parliament. It’s with us the people, and that’s why we need to take action.

“Our message to Johnson is this: if you steal our democracy, we’ll shut down the streets.”

The Momentum Facebook page are preparing to protest outside Downing Street on Saturday, so far 4,000 people have signed up to attend and 14,000 people have said they are interested.

The Facebook page says, “Boris Johnson is trying to shut down our democracy so that he can deliver on his Brexit agenda.

“We we can’t just rely on the courts or parliamentary process to save the day. We all have a duty to stand up and be counted.

“Join us at 12pm at 10 Downing Street to defend democracy and fight against Boris Johnson’s Brexit agenda.

“This is part of a nationwide wave of protests this Saturday. #StopTheCoup”

Labour MP Clive Lewis tweeted on Wednesday, “If Boris shuts down Parliament to carry out his No-Deal Brexit, I and other MPs will defend democracy.

“The police will have to remove us from the chamber. We will call on people to take to the streets.

“We will call an extraordinary session of Parliament.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said, “The MPS is aware of protests planned in Parliament Square on Saturday, 31 August. A proportionate policing plan is in place.”

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