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Labour warns UK on ‘verge of losing control’ of the virus

by LLB political Reporter
16th Sep 20 11:20 am

A Labour MP has warned that the UK is “on the verge of completely losing control” of coronavirus due to the governments “rationing” of tests.

Labour MP for the Rhondda in Wales Chris Bryant told Sky News the government’s decision to “prioritise” tests for care homes and the seriously ill as “rationing.”

He warned, “It’s rationing isn’t it, it’s because they haven’t scaled it up.

“The problem is you can’t start the tracing of people until they’ve got their test results. There’s a real chance of increased community transmission then.

“And I seriously fear that we’re on the verge of completely losing control of the virus in this country, because of Boris Johnson’s failures.”

Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary,c alled the government “incompetent” over plans to prioritise coronavirus testing.

He said, “They promised us a world beating system but because of ministerial incompetence they are now forced to restrict testing. 

“When testing breaks down we lose our ability to control the virus. It’s now urgent ministers fix testing.”

Meanwhile Kate Green, Shadow Education Secretary said, that 85% of the population were unable to access a test yesterday, and school children are having to be sent home.

She said, “What we’re seeing at the moment is whole classes or year groups being sent home because one child has symptoms.

“This keeps happening again and again in our schools.

“Schools were supplied with a small number of tests, but I was told overnight by one school nurse that those tests have run out, so children are having to be sent home.

“It’s a total mess. The whole country is being let down by this incompetent government.”

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