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Labour forced to defend “patronising” pink bus

11th Feb 15 10:40 am

What’s bright pink, can carry several passengers and is an embarrassment to the Labour party?

There might be more than one answer to that question but I’m talking, of course, about Labour’s “women-to-women” battle bus which the party unveiled yesterday.

The fuchsia minibus will be driven around the UK to help garner female votes for the party.

Deputy leader Harriet Harman defended the decision to decorate the bus pink after people took to Twitter to express their disgust for the “patronising” colour.


Harman said the colour was one of the colours Labour was using in its branding with a committee choosing it because it stood out from the usual red.

The purpose of the bus is to engage with female voters – including the nine million who did not vote in the last general election – and to discuss issues that are important to women.

Harman, who is taking to the road to visit 70 constituencies, along with other female MPs such as Gloria di Piero, said: “We don’t want women to give up on politics.

“If you look at the figures, the disaffection that there is with politics is even more pronounced among women.

“We want women to feel that this is their democracy and politics is for them as well as for men. Politics is too important to be left to be a men-only activity. We are saying this is a woman-to-woman activity.”

The Tories might be laughing, but at least Labour have enough frontbench female MPs to fill a minibus…

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