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Kremlin insiders fear Ukraine war is ‘catastrophic mistake’ and Putin is losing support as tens of thousands of Russians are dead

by LLB political Reporter
20th Apr 22 2:14 pm

Vladimir Putin is losing support as Kremlin insiders have said they fear the Ukraine war was a “catastrophic mistake.”

According to Bloomberg behind the scenes in the corridors of the Kremlin insiders are not convinced that Putin is winning the war despite the Russian President claiming “he is winning the war.”

Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed in Putin’s “special military operation” he has lost hundreds of millions of pounds worth of military equipment and Russia’s economy has almost collapsed.

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A few high level government officials within the Kremlin have expressed their opinions that the Ukraine war was an enormous mistake, but Putin dismisses this.

The Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer who met with Putin last week said that he believes that the Russian President thinks the invasion is a success.

Nehammer said in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, “I think he is now in his own war logic.

“I think he believes he is winning the war.

“I told him what I saw. I saw the war crimes. I saw the massive loss of the Russian army.

“And I told him that there is a need for humanitarian corridors for cities like Mariupol or Kharkiv, for example. Civilians need water and we need to take care of the wounded there.”

He recalled Putin’s response, Nehammer said, “He told me he will cooperate with an international investigation, on the one hand. And on the other hand, he told me that he doesn’t trust the Western world.

“This will be the problem now in the future.”

Bloomberg’s sources have also voiced their concerns that Putin could end up using nuclear weapons to win the war if he suffers defeat.

On Tuesday the Kremlin warned they will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine “at this stage” of the war and the Russian Foreign Minister said for now they will continue to use “conventional weapons,” Interfax news agency quoted Sergie Lavrov.

State owned RIA said, that Lavrov had said, “At this stage, we are considering the option of conventional weapons,” which could be considered as a warning rather than reassuring the world.

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