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Jobless graduate bags job interviews with inspired stunt

20th Aug 14 12:36 pm

If you’re struggling for work and someone tells you that you need to “be more pro-active”, it’s likely to cause more rage than it is inspiration. But there is some element of truth in the advice (no matter how frustrating it may be to receive it).

The case has been clearly demonstrated recently by marketing graduate Alfred Ajani, who took his pro-activity levels up a notch by advertising his services, in person, at Waterloo Station during rush hour.

Standing with a placard which read: Marketing Graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) ask for a CV, Ajani was soon approached by be-suited commuters. The result? A glut of job interviews.

Pictures of Ajani’s enterprising tactics soon spread on the usual social media channels.


Speaking to the Evening Standard, Ajani said he had applied without success for more than 300 jobs since April.

But his stunt certainly did the trick. He said: “At first it started a bit slow. A couple of hundred people walked by. But then the first woman approached me and said it was a creative idea. One guy even offered me a coffee. I think it has got better and better as the hours have passed. It looks like it is working so far.”

He added: “My mum is proud of me. She came down to the station and was hugging me and saying she hoped I could help support our family.”

Ajani hopes to have bagged himself a full-time job by the end of the week.

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