It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day: Take a look at these fun facts


Know any of these?

Do you love cheese? I certainly do… Take a look at some of these fun facts…

1. There are more than 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK.

2. If you wanted to make your own cheese you would need 10 litres of milk to get a 1kg block of hard cheese.

3. A giant wheel of cheddar cheese was given to Queen Victoria as a wedding gift.

4. Studies have shown that eating cheese can actually help you sleep, so ignore that pesky wives’ tale and eat as much as like before bed!

5. Cheese is older than the written word.

6. Cheese is full of calcium so it’s great for your teeth!

7. People who love cheese are called Turophiles.

8. The rarest cheese comes from Moose, it is thought that there are only three lactating moose in the world that can produce cheese. They are found in Sweden at a dairy farm known as The Elk House.