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Is online gambling going to be banned in the UK?

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10th Apr 20 3:27 pm

The risk of online gambling being banned in the United Kingdom is slim to none. The reason for this optimism is the fact that the UK gaming market is one of the strictest regulated in the world. Online gambling operators who want to provide local players with access to their games need to apply for a license from the UK GC. The Commission oversees the entire process to make sure that it is transparent and fair, so players are well protected. Meanwhile, the gambling companies pay significant taxes, so the state coffers are well funded by this popular industry.

Pressure is mounting on the gambling industry

Online and land-based bookmakers are thriving, with more people than ever choosing to bet on sports and spin the reels of slots. While there’s a lot of enthusiasm among gamblers, the lawmakers and a part of the society are concerned about the dangers of gambling addiction. There’s a lot of pressure on gambling operators to make a convincing case that they run an honest and harmless business. The more radical voices state that nothing short than a carpet ban will suffice. Fortunately for those who enjoy the games and are happy with the status quo, these radical solutions are not taken into consideration.

In order to appease those who demand that lawmakers act against the gaming industry, certain measures are being considered. One of the top priorities for the members of government, as well as politicians from both sides of the aisle is to minimize the impact of gambling advertising. The authorities want to limit the exposure of TV ads, since they target the general audience indiscriminately. Minors are likely to see these advertisements and some might be tempted to gamble, even though they don’t meet the legal age.

Most of the TV ads are being displayed during highly anticipated matches, when sports fans are hooked on television. Bookmakers and casinos are urged to limit the ads and most have responded positively, by removing them altogether. Given the high competition between gambling operators, it is essential for a consensus to be reached. Otherwise, those companies that continue to promote themselves through such adds might get an unfair advantage over those who play by the rules.

The UK gambling industry gets more secure

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is known for its uncompromising stance and its willingness to go the extra mile to enforce a strict set of rules. All the casinos and bookmakers who apply for a license are held by the standards enforced by the UK GC and you should always take advice on choosing a site that offer online gambling, these standards are likely to get even higher in the foreseeable future.

The Commission has players to make the licensing process even stricter, while also reevaluating the sports books and casinos that were already licensed. This will cause plenty of headaches to law-abiding gambling operators, who will have their business brought into the spotlight once again. At the same time, it will confirm their professional and fair business, while filtering out dishonest players. The bottom line is that more regulation is to be expected, but online gambling will continue to be illegal in the UK.

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