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Is it worth buying a new handset in 2021?

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12th Jan 21 2:59 pm

With new and improved smartphone handsets being released all the time, it can be tempting to sign up for one and commit to a new contract, especially if you’ve had your existing handset for quite some time and it’s getting slow and sluggish. While there’s always something quite exciting about unboxing a new mobile phone handset and setting up your new device, it’s worth asking yourself whether or not it’s worth investing in a new mobile handset in 2021. Mobile phone contracts are the easiest way to get hold of the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handset, but are they worth the commitment? Before you sign, consider these alternatives that might work out cheaper and more flexible for you in the future.

Do you need a new handset?

Many of us end up getting a new phone when we don’t really need one. And it’s hard not to when you are constantly surrounded by temptation. TV and billboard ads are always telling you how much better the latest iPhone is compared to the one you’ve got, or maybe you’ve seen your friend using one and now you feel like your smartphone is inadequate. But the truth is that if it’s functional and still working well, it might be worth hanging onto it a little longer. If your mobile phone contract is up and you’re not tied into it, you may want to consider switching to a SIM-only deal for a while to save up some money to put towards a new phone in the future. Check out Lebara for some of the best SIM deals in the UK, starting at just £5 per month for 2GB of data, 1000 UK texts and 1000 UK minutes. With Lebara, you’ll also get a certain amount of international minutes included with your plan, allowing you to freely make calls to forty-one different countries around the world – perfect for anybody with family and friends overseas. Check out the Lebara website to compare SIM-only deals and choose the right one for you.

Consider a refurbished handset:

Another main benefit of choosing from the best SIM-only deals rather than opting for a standard smartphone contract is that you can opt for a refurbished handset instead. Refurbished handsets are typically much cheaper compared to brand-new options and the best part is that they are often like new. As long as you opt for a manufacturer-refurbished or reputable seller-refurbished handset that’s been restored to a high standard, you should not experience any problems with your handset. In addition to better prices, there are several further benefits of opting for refurbished. Not only do you often get access to handsets that might no longer be available on contract from the major networks, but it’s also much better for the environment to reuse and recycle, getting as much life as possible out of the handset rather than simply throwing it away.

Enjoy more flexibility and financial freedom:

When you sign up for a new mobile phone contract, you’re typically tied into that contract for a minimum of two years. This means that during the period you’re in the contract, you won’t be able to get a different handset or reduce the amount that you are paying each month. Ask yourself, are you willing to commit to paying for your mobile phone for two years or more? Are you happy to commit to the one handset for that long period of time? Opting for a refurbished or even a brand-new handset bought outright and paired with one of the best SIM-only deals is a great way to add more financial flexibility into your life. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re struggling to afford your monthly smartphone costs, you can simply switch to a cheaper package without worrying that it’s going to affect your credit rating or have your phone service cut off.

Avoid wasting money:

Today, with several new smartphone handsets released each year by the major manufacturers, the value of smartphones is dropping faster than ever before. This means that although you might be getting the best possible deal on the market when you first take out your mobile contract, it’s unlikely that the same is going to be true when you’ve been in your contract for a year or even six months down the line. As soon as a newer handset is released, your handset will lose some of its value- but you won’t pay any less per month for it. And, when you consider the interest that you pay when getting a mobile phone on contract, you might begin to wonder if it’s actually worth it. The truth is, it often isn’t. Purchasing a refurbished phone outright and opting for a SIM-only deal gives you the chance to avoid wasting money on a handset that’s only going to lose significant value within a matter of months.

The latest handset – Is it worth it?

Everybody raves about the latest smartphone handset release as it comes out, but it soon becomes old news when a new one is released yet again the next year. It can be tempting to opt for the latest handset release, but the truth is that it’s not often worth its while. It might be better to wait for a handset to be released and then take advantage of the cheaper prices on the previous handset. Not only do previous handsets lose some of their value when a newer one comes out, but they’re also tried and tested and you’re less likely to experience some of the common teething problems that can be common with new technology. And even though the marketing campaigns would love you to believe that the previous handset is now useless, the truth is, everybody was going crazy for them not that long ago when they were brand new. If you want a new iPhone, for example, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XR are still fairly new to the market and have plenty of great features.

Consider buying preloved:

If your current smartphone handset is barely fit for purpose then there’s every reason to consider upgrading to a new one, but the truth is that many people end up paying much more than they need to when getting a new smartphone. By being savvy and considering different ways to save money, you can get a great new phone without being ripped off. Along with exploring refurbished handsets, it may also be worth buying second-hand. As long as you have the chance to see and try the phone out before you buy it, second-hand deals can help you save a lot of money. Many people sell their old handsets when they upgrade to a new one and most of the time, they’re in great condition and work well. Check out Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Gumtree to see if anyone’s selling a smartphone handset you like in your area.

New smartphone handsets are released all the time, but do you really need the latest one? While it can be tempting to sign up for a lengthy and expensive mobile contract just to get your hands on the freshest new smartphone model, the truth is that this can often be a serious waste of money.

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