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How using a commercial kitchen cleaning company saves you money

by John Saunders
24th Nov 20 2:59 pm

All businesses require some degree of cleaning however commercial kitchens require regular deep cleaning of a specialist nature, in order to not only maintain industry standards, but ensure clean air within the kitchen space, ensure their staff are working in a safe and healthy environment as well as make sure fire risks are at a minimum.

There is a huge amount of equipment within a commercial kitchen that requires specialist cleaning, such as a kitchen exhaust, a flue and much more. While ensuring the grease within said items of equipment is gone is merely common sense, it’s surprising how many people attempt short cuts, often trying to clean this equipment themselves, in order to save money.

Would you be surprised to learn however, that using commercial kitchen cleaning companies could actually save you money in the long run? With the help of professional contact cleaners, you could find yourself with an incredibly clean commercial kitchen that doesn’t just meet industry standards but surpasses them. You could also find you save money in the process. Don’t believe us? Here’s how…

Leave staff to focus on their roles

All too often, people pull their staff from their regular roles to carry out cleaning duties. While some would see this as efficiency, it’s actually the complete opposite. Not only is their role now not being dealt with, but you’re asking someone to carry out a job they aren’t trained for.

This will result in second rate cleaning as well as staff taking much longer to actually carry it out. The same goes for you in organising staff to cover others who are now attempting to clean the kitchen space. Instead, leave staff doing what they do best, focusing on the roles they’re trained to do and simply have a professional cleaning team carry out a first class job in a fifth of the time it would take a non-professional.

What’s more, you can pay a professional commercial cleaning company to work around you too, meaning they’ll clean out of hours so you don’t miss serving a single customer.

Watch how cost-effective it actually is

Getting a long term cleaning contract is always going to be a cost-effective way of doing things. It’s true that minimising expenditure will help to maximise costs but it’s also important to recognise the areas you can’t scrimp on. Hiring a professional cleaning company won’t just ensure your kitchen is up to standard, but it will get the job done in a more efficient time and will ensure it only needs to be done that once in order to pass inspection.

Having a professional company do the job will also mean that they’ll no doubt be quicker the second time as they’re simply topping up their first-class work. You’ll also benefit from said cleaning company purchasing the necessary specialist equipment and cleaning solutions, instead of it coming directly out of your pocket.

Contact J&I Grease Gone today

If you’d like more information on J&I Grease Gone’s commercial kitchen cleaning services, do not hesitate to contact them today on 01245 237 083. J&I Grease Gone are the UK’s leading industrial cleaning specialists. Forget attempting a half baked job and instead let the professionals do what they do best, so you can do what you do best.

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