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How to transition smoothly to working from the office

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6th Apr 22 5:13 pm

When our world was almost swept apart by a great wave of uncertainty, many businesses stayed afloat by transitioning to remote work. Most staff of organisations also managed to keep the work going by working from the comfort of their homes.

Working from home seems to be the default work format for an extended period. To date, many organisations have continued to improve upon the processes involved to boost the productivity of their cross-team.

The uncertainty that plagued us months ago seems to be in the past. Many offices are beginning to transition back to working from the office. Let’s face it, even if you place free bets, working from home isn’t exactly the same as working from the office. Unfortunately, many workers are finding it hard to transition to working from the office.

This article will reveal why many workers struggle to transit to the office. We’ll also explore how to transit back to an office.

Why are workers finding it hard to transition back to the office?

Returning to work on-site after a prolonged period of working from home is stressful for most workers. Putting plans into action is a big struggle for most people. It seems like a massive change for most people, and anxiety levels are sparking. A while back, the challenging experience of transitioning to remote work was also a major challenge.

The solution to this is simple. Workers have to make modifications to their work routine. They do not have to make massive changes at once; instead, they can take calculated steps to avoid getting overwhelmed.

How can workers get back to their offices without stress?

The human populations are creatures of habit, and they form their habits over time. Many people didn’t develop the habit of working from home in one day. Working from the office can only be reinforced gradually into your consciousness in the same guise.

Since you have developed some habits and routines while working from home, you need to pull down the building blocks and erect a new foundation for working in the office.

1. Start with small changes

The “BITS,” i.e., setting the alarm, waking up early, exercising early, eating breakfast, bathing, pulling out your clothes, and dressing up for work.

2. Graduate to bigger changes

The “HA,” i.e., packing your work bag, transporting yourself to work, interacting with your co-workers (team meetings, discussing briefs, social events, etc.). However, many of these activities may stir awkward feelings after such a long time, and the transition may even affect your productivity at work in the initial stages. With your “HABITS” back in place, you will become fully acclimatised to working from the office again.


If you plan on switching to working from an office, you need to outgrow your work from home customs and habits. Taking the proper steps will make you discover that you possess the potential to work from the office. You’ll realise that your mind is only drawing you back. With time, you will find yourself comfortable with working from an office again.

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