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How to support your business during these certain times

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21st Apr 20 4:10 pm

The current situation many countries across the world currently find themselves in, is something we could have never imagined possible. The effects of Covid-19 are threatening to put a strain on the economy, with many experts fearing for the future if governments don’t put the correct support in place now.

With many UK businesses having to close their doors due to Covid-19, it has caused a sense of anxiety amongst employers and their members of staff. In the midst of such an uncertain period which is out of our control, we have already seen numerous well known brands and corporations go into administration, simply because they can’t sustain themselves financially.

It’s inevitable that any business owner will have to make a number of crucial decisions over the coming months, no matter what industry they may be in. UK business and the economy haven’t had to face a challenge like this for a long period of time, meaning it’s hard to know how to support a business during periods like these.

If you’re wondering how to approach the coming months and looking for advice, then digital marketing agency Click Consult, have created a guide to digital marketing in a crisis, which covers numerous areas such as social media, Google My Business and optimising your website.

With this in mind, we wanted to look at some of these areas in more detail and hopefully, they can help you support your business during these uncertain times.

Be present on social media

With the current lockdown measures in place, many people will believe that the majority of businesses are currently closed. Social media can act as a really powerful tool and if your business uses any of the platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, it’s crucial you utilise their benefits.

The key to using social media during the lockdown period is to be present, responsive and clear. In short, this means you’re active on your channels so your audience knows you’re still open. If you receive any messages, reply to them with confidence and you simply make it known if some or all of your services/products have been affected due to the pandemic.

Optimise your website

If you have an existing website that isn’t performing as well as you’d like it to be, then now is the time to optimise it and increase the SEO performance. If this is something you believe is out of your depth, then you many want to seek help from an SEO agency in order to achieve the best results possible.

Increasing SEO performance can be done in a number of ways, one of the most effective being via regular, high quality content. We could talk about website content for a long period of time, but to put it simply, you need to know your audience and deliver articles they will genuinely be interested in, which will hopefully result in them engaging and sharing your content. This is only one area you can cover, but sharing content which is valuable to your audience, will benefit your SEO performance.

Why is it important to make the most of the current situation?

In reality there aren’t a great amount of positives we can take from the situation the UK currently finds itself in. However, if you are a business owner then it’s crucial to utilise this time available and help support your business through this difficult period.

Being present on social media and optimising your website are just two of the many areas you can look at to keep your business in the best position possible. Doing this will hopefully result in more conversions and will see a bad financial time potentially have a positive outcome.

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