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How to start an all-in-one OTT streaming service?

by John Saunders
23rd Nov 21 1:48 pm

At this point, many content creators keep on asking, what is the importance of starting an all-in-one OTT streaming service? The answer is very simple; this is because OTT services allow users to watch and stream videos from any device with the use of the internet.

This model provides the best chance video-focused businesses need to develop a profitable online OTT platform they control.  You have the chance to tap into a rising market packed with people searching for a video like yours. As a matter of fact, OTT services are forecasted to hit 650 million subscribers by the end of the year 2021.

This article will get you up to speed on the fast change to OTT streaming services and how to start all-in-one OTT streaming services. Keep on reading!

Research and pick business model appropriate for your OTT Streaming Services

Over-The-Top services work on two diverse forms of business model, subscription and transactional. Your service will dictate the business model you utilise, and each one has its own pros and cons.

  • Transactional business model

Here you make a product and offer it for the one-off price as usual retail or information products would sell.

Transactional Business Model works very well for standalone courses that teach one skill. This is because you are able to sell a single product that has all the essential information required. It wouldn’t need much updating, and you can sell it at the end of email sequences.

Your income is less predictable. First sales might be high for the first launch, which can drastically drop in the subsequent weeks and months.

This is ideal if you own a one-off product, such as a long-form film or a course you like to sell for a high price, in addition to a consistent income flow.

  • Subscription business model

If you have a subscription similar to Netflix, you will already be accustomed to this model. Customers pay a cheap monthly rate for access to the OTT service that is normally a big and non-specific library of content.

This is ideal for them as they talk about many diverse topics and cater to the students’ needs.

Make a website for your content or video

After knowing the business model you want to follow, it is the right time to make the initial part of the OTT service, a video website.

Browsers are the cornerstone of streaming, and a standalone help serves you well. This enables you to:

  • Improve trust with possible customers
  • Refer marketing materials to a single site
  • Rank in search engines
  • Gather emails and grow mailing lists
  • Take payment
  • Handle queries and support tickets

What is more, it provides customers a site to work with when they are not able to access an OTT application on a different tool.  Your site must be well designed and branded, so it is highly recommended to acquire a superior logo made on a site. This will translate to your OTT apps and assist you in keeping a branded standard on different platforms.

Choose the best OTT app for a successful streaming business

No all Over-The-Top apps are made the same.  Below are the apps to select from:

  • Smart TV
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone

You will have to make your choices based on your service ad how your watchers will need to access it. For instance, you make an athletic coach online where you teach kids volleyball drills. These kids will need more space to follow along and a big screen to assist them in seeing what you are doing from afar. So, a tablet and Smart TV is ideal for you.

Share video via White-Label video player

If you have uploaded, sorted out, and secured the content, it is time to distribute it. So, at this point, you like to embed the video on your apps, websites, and social platforms.

It is easy to embed videos on your site. It is easy to copy and paste. But, for a big bank of on-demand video content, this process can be a little bit complex. It might involve utilising a video platform API to make a custom mobile application or an auto-generated set of playlists on a video portal site.

Enable security features for OTT streaming platform

Now that you have done a basic setup as well as task integration, your next move is to fine-tune your content and ready it for release. Two vital parts of this process are allowing safety features and installing video monetisation.

Depending on which OVP you utilise, there are different OTT video safety features available at this point. Amongst these is domain restriction that sets limits on which sites someone is able to embed your video. Another good example is AES encryption that uses cryptography to secure the video against interception and hacking.

With regards to monetisation, there are many methods to choose from for monetising your content; advertising, subscription, and pay-per-view. The method you pick depends on your subscribers and the content you offer.

Set up OTT monetisation model

It depends on your business’s scope; you can pick multiple monetisation models. SVoD, TVoD, and AVoD have popularly utilised monetisation techniques, ensuring a good flow of profit in the streaming business. But, if you want, you can also provide content for free or accept discounts via coupons or ssai advertising.

Go live and earn cash

It will take a couple of minutes to execute the steps mentioned, and your dream of putting up an OTT streaming service will be true. If the platform is set, ready a marketing technique and concentrate all your hard work on branding and promotions. Keep monitoring your revenue and subscribers statistics and know the success of your business accordingly. Also, you can consult with a content monetisation professional to improve your OTT platform profit.

Now that you know how to start an all-in-one OTT streaming service seamlessly, you should know the important components vital to making a successful OTT streaming service.


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