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How to participate in the UK National Bingo Day celebrations in 2022

by Sarah Dunsby
28th Jun 22 4:32 pm

Bingo’s biggest day has returned to the United Kingdom! Following the huge success of the first-ever UK National Bingo Day on June 27, 2021, the event is all set to be celebrated this year with even more pomp and show with every other casino online and offline gearing up to launch new offers, tournaments and excitement.

If you are a bingo operator looking to join the celebrations, then here’s all you need to know about how to participate in the celebrations and make huge business with millions of bingo lovers looking forward to playing for real money.

National Bingo Day 2022 is all set to get bigger and better in the UK

Last year’s inaugural UK National Bingo Day was a huge success, with over 88% of the country’s bingo clubs and online casinos taking part in the festivities, which included a variety of offers, prizes and community games.

National Bingo Day is a concept that originated in the United States, where it has been celebrated for several years. But bingo is a big craze in the UK as well. By 2022, the UK’s bingo industry will have crossed the £1 billion mark, with over 5 million bingo fans in the UK alone and over 100,000 international bettors.

This inspired The Bingo Association of the United Kingdom to organise the National Bingo Day event and make the most of the opportunity. An entire day dedicated to an industry-wide celebration of the game that everyone loves: Bingo! The date of June 27th was chosen because it corresponds to the US date and the global celebrations.

How can Bingo operators participate in Bingo Day celebrations?

National Bingo Day is open to all bingo operators, including bingo clubs, brick-and-mortar casinos, and online gambling sites. However, the Gambling Act of 2005 requires that they all be licenced in the United Kingdom.

The UK Gambling Commission and the Bingo Association of the United Kingdom have collaborated on a website (https://nationalbingoday.co.uk). A host of first-hand information can be found on this website.

A logo and an official badge are given to participating bingo operators in order to establish a visual identity and make players aware of which sites and operators are participating in the National Bingo Day celebrations. It’s also accompanied by a full corporate identity that provides a complete visual impact, which is crucial in the fast-paced bingo and online worlds. Bingo operators are required to display these badges, logos, and other corporate branding details on their websites, as well as in the form of standees or banners in their physical locations.

Each operator is responsible for their own promotions, games, and special events held in support of National Bingo Day. Operators may have different rules for games and promotions, but they must all follow the law.

Operators must set an age limit, allowing only players over the age of 18 to play bingo on their site or club, and follow all responsible gaming guidelines.

How players can participate in the UK National Bingo Day celebrations in 2022

If you are over the age of 18, you are welcome to join the fun at a bingo club near you or at an online casino on National Bingo Day.

  1. You can search for the best sites on the National Bingo Game’s website. Use the ‘Find A Club’ function on the National Bingo Game’s website to locate a participating club.
  2. You can search for bingo clubs by entering a town name or a postcode, and it will display all of the clubs in the area.
  3. If you want to play bingo online, go to the “online bingo finder” section and choose from the list of bingo brands that are all celebrating National Bingo Day.

The National Bingo Day games mostly go by a ticket policy for players, and the tickets must be approved by the NBGA to enter the game. You can get your tickets directly from the bingo operators where you wish to play.

Things to remember for players participating in the UK National Bingo Day 2022 celebrations

While online casinos use electronic tickets sent via email, brick-and-mortar clubs may use paper tickets compulsorily. So check it beforehand.

A typical bingo night out will set you back £20, which includes tickets, food and drink but excludes additional gaming machines. On this day, all bingo winnings are tax-free. Remember that while small winnings can be paid out on the same night, large winnings can take up to ten days for the casinos to process. And it’s perfectly normal.

The average National Bingo Game lasts less than ten minutes and is one of several bingo games played during a single session. Players, on the other hand, frequently arrive two hours before the game to eat and socialise.

Join the National Bingo Day craze in the UK!

This is the best time for all bingo lovers to get together and celebrate everything in their favourite casino: fun, food, great wins, friends and socialising with like-minded people! Mark the date for 27 June because it is about to become the most important in the history of bingo in the UK! Keep an eye on the official Events and activities calendar for National Bingo Day in the UK to learn more about the best events and offers.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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