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How to make your internet secure?

15th Mar 18 11:26 am

How to solve your internet privacy issues

You should know that when you enter the website no matter how safe it is, someone already knows that you have done it, and usually it is your Internet provider. It is not because there is a task to track your activity, it is just because providers keeps the logs of users’ activity and this is the first and sufficient reason to understand that your Internet activity has never been secure.

Imagine how many options there are for someone who wants to track your activity in the Web on purpose. There is one way for you to protect your privacy if you do not have special knowledges in network technologies – to use VPN services. You might wondering what is a VPN? Does the free VPN UK exist? And how can it solve your privacy issues? You can read about that below.

What is VPN?

VPN is transcribed as Virtual private network. This notion was coined to describe the secured zone in the Web that has its own connections and IPs within the Web. At the beginning, VPN’s were usually customized solely by businesses to protect the commercial data, nowadays VPN can be used easily by any person on the planet if one has Internet connection.

Speed is a more pressing issue though. Some VPN providers offer a test server so you can connect to and check the speed using online tools like Speedcheck.org.

Why do you need to protect your privacy?

It is known that most of the people have no consideration about the privacy issues. And likely if you tell someone that his Internet activity is recorded and kept in logs by the provider, there won’t be any negative reaction and will to change that. Mostly, this happens because people that do not break the law usually have nothing to hide, however, that is not really the case. You have things to hide and those include:

●      your personal information (address, private email, plans, passwords etc.),

●      your financial information (bank account number, card data – CVV code etc.),

●      your mailing,

●      some Internet activity.

If some of the information above would be disclosed to the third parties, there is a probability that your data can get stolen and used for fraud. And there is one more reason to use VPN, though it is not really necessary for US – getting an access to restricted websites. In some countries you cannot reach specific websites like social networks, as the access to them is blocked by the provider according to the law. So you need to find a way to surpass restrictions, and VPN services are ideal for that.

How to choose proper VPN service?

You need to define what is your main objective when you make a choice among the wide variety of service available – the range of services, number of platforms supported, speed, price (however, some of the services are free) and the choice of IPs.

The more IPs belonging to different countries you can choose from, the more options you have when using the VPN service. However, for you as a common user such nuances may not be that crucial.

How to surf the Web incognito without VPN?

There is one more option for you to keep your privacy secured – to use anonymizer services via the browser. Anonymizer websites offer outstanding experience of incognito surfing; all you need to do is to enter the anonymizer website, enter the website address you want to visit and enjoy anonymous activity online.

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