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How to make money from online casino bonuses

by John Saunders
18th Aug 21 3:31 pm

Bonuses are the number one lure online casinos use to attract new users. They almost always guarantee free gambling and guaranteed winnings, but are usually tied to a strict set of terms and conditions. Here is how and why they work and how you can use them to your advantage.

Why do online casinos offer bonuses?

When you are interested in online gambling, you will find a wide variety of casinos who present you with a good gambling experience. What they can offer you as a welcome bonus when you join their site can be the tipping point that makes you choose them over their competitors. Some bonuses require you to spend some of your own money, before you can win them. You can also find new casinos with no deposit, which lure you with a restricted number of free bets.

How do online casino bonuses work?

Casinos are pretty smart. While they statistically can offer large short-time gains, depending on your luck and/or skill, overall the casino has what is called a house edge or house advantage. The pay-out they offer is rarely aligning with the true odds of a bet. Say you are betting on a die roll. The number you have picked has a 1 in 6 chance of appearing. In that case, the odds should be 5 times the amount of the wager. That assumes if you win, the exact amount you have wagered will be multiplied and then paid out. However, most casinos pay out less, maybe only 4 times the amount wagered.

Different games have a different percentage of this house edge; depending on how likely it is for you to win. In a game like blackjack, there are more variables and therefore the house edge can be much higher, but it also is influenced by your skill level as a player, unlike pure luck-based games. So, the edge differs from game to game, but overall, you can assume, when you break the concept down, that if you wager £1 you will gain £1 with each win but lose £1.10 with each loss. The casino is more likely to make a profit than you are, not necessarily, because they win more often, but because you typically lose more money than you’d win and the chances of losing grow the longer you play.

That’s how casinos can offer things like bonuses. They offer you bigger odds for making money for free to make joining them worthwhile for you too, if you know how to bag the bonus. To do that, it’s required that you take a good look at the terms and conditions of a bonus offer. These will differ wildly, but the might look a bit like this:

You need to deposit a set amount of money and play a dictated game until you have bet a certain amount in total. When you attest that you have reached that goal to the customer service, you will get a set amount of money. However, the ways you interact with the set game might be restricted, like forbidding to place bets on both colours in Roulette.

However, if you only skim the terms you might miss some of these facts, like the restricted betting choices or how you have to contact the customer service yourself to prove you reached the requirements for the bonus money.

Here’s how you can exploit casino offers

That is why step one to exploiting the bonus system is to make sure you understand and find the best bonus types. Other than that, you need to make sure the odds are tipped in your favour as much as possible. There are plenty of websites out there that help you find the games with the lowest house edge while giving you tips on how to bet strategically.

Where you can find the best online casino bonuses

Exploiting casino bonuses comes with a lot of research. Not only do you need to put in the time to understand what a good offer looks like and how to play the odds. The bonuses are also one-time things you often only get after signing up, so you need to keep up with many sites to find new offers. Lucky for you, there is plenty of services that do that for you. Some of them are paid; others are forums and communities that help you out with their knowledge.


Making money through online casino bonuses is definitely possible! You just need to make sure to put in a bit of work, or pay for the help: Figure out how the terms & conditions work, how the odds are stacked for specific games and how to put them in your favour. Gambling is never a sure thing, but statistics and calculated expected wins do help with finding the best offers to profit from.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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