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How to make hybrid work effective for your business

by John Saunders
26th Jul 22 4:21 pm

When Covid first struck in 2020, many businesses were told to close their doors and start working from home. It didn’t take long for people to settle into the remote working lifestyle and after restrictions were lifted, some businesses decided to keep remote work as a permanent feature.

Other businesses decided that while remote work does have some benefits, there are also many benefits from working in an office. From this, the hybrid work model truly came into effect, and now it is considered to be a popular option for businesses and official figures show that a quarter of UK workers are now hybrid.

Now, while it may be a popular option, it doesn’t mean that it is easy. The hybrid work model still requires hard work in order to be effective. Within this article, we will go over a few different ways you can improve your hybrid work model, keep on reading to find out more.

Have open lines of communication

Having open communication is essential when it comes to making hybrid work effective for your business. Communication was important even when you were working from an office, but when you have some of your staff working from home, it becomes extra crucial to have open lines of communication. In an office setting, you can very easily go up to your colleague and ask a question, but this is not as easy when some staff are remote workers. So, because of this, it would be a good idea if you had some sort of instant messaging platform that you and your staff can use to communicate. Instant messaging is a lot more convenient than email as you can ask a question and get a response quickly. Additionally, on the instant messaging platform, you can have different channels for separate topics, so people can freely chat about what they need to.

Ensure everyone has access to the same tech and resources

One huge advantage to working in an office is the fact that everyone has access to the same tech and resources as they have the office computers in front of them. However, it is not possible to constantly move the computers back and forth, which means people must rely on their own laptops to work when they are working from home. Because of this, you should make sure that all your staff can still access all of the resources they need to do their job. It could be something as simple as showing them how to access a tool to compress a pdf or a particular software they could use. As the business leader, it would be a good idea for you to collate all of this information into a master document and put that document in the cloud for them to access at any point.

Set meetings in advance

Another helpful tip that can make hybrid work more effective is to schedule your meetings in advance. Hybrid work can be a little tricky as you have some workers in the office and other people who are working from home. This can make impromptu meetings difficult as it you cannot just gather everyone together at the same time. So, if you are adopting the hybrid work model into your business then you need to drop the concept of impromptu meetings and instead schedule the meetings in advance.

Trust your employees

Hybrid work can only be effective if you learn to trust your employees. Of course, it is only natural for you to be concerned about your employees while they are working from home, but you must learn to trust them. Sure, if they were constantly missing deadlines, then it is fair to pull them up on it and monitor their working hours. However, if your employees have never missed a deadline and all of their work is up to standard, then you need to give them your trust and let them manage their own time. Remote work can sometimes take some time to get used to, so make sure you do not put too much pressure on your team straight away. Let them figure out in their own time what works for them and what doesn’t.

Ensure equal opportunities for all staff

There is a common misconception that remote work is not productive or efficient for a business. Because of this, your staff may think that when they are working from home, they may not be considered for as many opportunities as those who work from the office. This sort of thinking is not going to be healthy or productive for your business, so you need to make sure that all of your staff are given equal opportunities. Make sure that everyone knows their performance is not based on where they work but is instead based on the quality of the work and meeting their deadlines. That way, no one is left out and everyone will feel more encouraged and comfortable working from home.

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