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How to make a career change to a work-at-home business during COVID-19

by John Saunders
6th May 20 3:22 pm

I always knew I was not a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. person. After working for a few years, I decided to quit and start an online business. It was not easy at first, but I can confidently say it was worth every struggle. Now, I have the freedom that I always yearned for. I can work from wherever I want, including while traveling the globe! I have also been able to bond more with my family, save more, be happier, among other amazing benefits. You can make it happen too, especially during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic period.

There are several work-at-home opportunities you can try. The reality of the situation is that whatever you want to do, you will need a website and web hosting service. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling homemade crafts, or are going to start an online business. Having your site available 24/7 is a MUST so that’s why you should opt for one of web hosting providers like HOSTINGER that offers the best hosting services in the UK. When building a site you need to look out for website speed, reliability, affordability, and availability of numerous other features and a good web hosting provider understand and will give all this to you.

Once you have your website up and running, you’re ready to start your Work-at-Home career.

Work-at-home business opportunities

Let’s run down the best online home business opportunities out there that almost anyone can start.


You definitely have heard of blogging several times, or at least you know a few notorious bloggers who are always making headlines. Blogging is not a shortcut to making quick money, but with a little patience, you can get there. You, however, need to ask yourself a few questions before you set up a blog. Which topic or subject are you passionate about? Do you have enough understanding of it? With consistency, you can attract loyal readers, and before you realize, a bigger audience. At this point, you can then monetize your blogs through advertising or selling your products or services.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves recommending products from an online retailer to your audience. The retailer pays you a commission on the traffic or sales generated from your referrals. To choose a niche, you need to consider a few things like your passion, how saturated the niche is, and the reward.


To dropship, you need to purchase inventory from a third party. You will then advertise the product in your Dropshipping store on your website. Once you receive orders, you will be required to forward the requests to the third party, who will ship directly to the consumer. You do not have to stock the product or handle it directly.

Online courses, coaching, and consulting

The emerging of multiple careers has led to the expansion of the digital coaching world. More people want to be experts in their areas of specialization and are turning to experts for coaching. There are many types of coaching that you can do online, depending on your area of experience. They include life coaching, career coaching, wellness coaching, and spiritual coaching. People search online for experts, and a website will make it easy for them to find you.

Building websites

Web design is now very popular, and many people are taking it up. If you are creative enough and have the potential, you can start. It is a bit tough to make it a career, but with enough patience, you will become better and more competitive. If you are already a designer, then it is easier. Nevertheless, you need to polish your skills and be confident enough to compete with the finest in the industry. It can take a little time, but once you have your foot in the industry, the reward is worth it. Make sure your website is presentable and user friendly.

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Trending work-at-home jobs

The list of work from home jobs is endless. With the need to keep social distance due to COVID-19, the opportunities are becoming even more. Below are a few of the opportunities that have made it to the top of the list.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant works for a business or an entrepreneur from a remote location. They can do almost everything! As a virtual assistant, you are expected to do the administrative work, personal tasks, manage media, and offer customer service.


If you are bilingual, then a translation job is the way to go. As a translator, you are required to convey the meaning from one language to another in writing. You will be needed to pick two language pairs that you are proficient in. Some of the most common language pairs include English to Arabic, English to Danish and English to Chinese.

Online tutor

If you are a teacher, get to Skype or record a teaching session and avail it online. Several schools are now closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the demand for online education solutions is surging up. This is the best time to lay a foundation for your future online tutoring career.

Social media manager

Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms are not just platforms for entertainment; you can get paid by businesses to manage their accounts. Some of the things you can be hired to include creating and scheduling posts, running ads, and posting videos and promotional graphics.

Data entry

If you are searching for a flexible work from home job that does not require much experience, then you should try data entry. Data entry involves typing in data from one source to another using a computer. Many businesses prefer outsourcing data entry jobs to big companies, which then hire work from home workers.

Customer service representative jobs

If you are great at answering phone calls and are interested in helping people solve their problems or answer questions, being a customer service representative will suit you well. Most companies require customer service representatives to attend to their clients. A good percentage of these companies prefer hiring remote staff to perform these duties. For companies that work 24/7, you are typically given a chance to choose a shift that will work for you.

It’s time to change your career

COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the workplace all over the world. With the need to keep social distance, working from home is slowly taking center stage. Working from home has proven to help decongest workplaces and therefore reduce transmission. If you have ever dreamt of working from home, this is the time to take that huge step. The stage is set, and you have all the time to implement your idea. Just don’t forget to choose a great web hosting company witch to have a support team I can help you with any issues.

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