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How to get in the mood for a trip to Australia

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12th May 20 3:28 pm

While the world is currently still in lockdown, positive news is slowly leaking through. As the number of coronavirus infections and casualties continue to drop worldwide, countries are looking into loosening their border restrictions. Australia is among them. Historically a very popular destination among holiday-goers, the country is set to slowly restart its tourist industry if the current trend continues. For many people, however, the months of quarantine have made dampened their adventurous spirit.

An easy way to get in the mood for a trip abroad is by going down memory lane. Australian tv shows have always been popular in the UK. The exact reason is unknown, but part of the attraction is likely the fact that Australia is on the other side of the world, adding a hint of mystery and imagination to it. It piques your interest, until finally you can’t help but plan a trip down there yourself. We’ve rewatched some old Australian shows: can you remember them?


The children show Skippy, about the bush kangaroo, was broadcasted from the sixties onward and was set in the fictional Waratha National Park in Sydney. For the most part, Skippy was the Australian counterpart to the American dolphin Flipper. While Skippy may have gone off the air, the skippyball that was named after him is still popular with children.

Flying Doctors

It’s one of the few old shows still seen on tv with some regularity. In the eighties it was broadcasted daily. Viewers joined doctors Tom Callaghan and Chris Randall as they worked with the rest of the medical staff in the fictional city of Cooper’s Crossing. Pilot Sam Patterson had the important task of transporting the doctors and nurses, in other words the Flying Doctors, to remote areas.

Police Rescue

Police Rescue (early nineties) was about rescue workers in Sydney. They regularly saved people from the most harrowing situations. The show primarily focused on Angel, sergeant Steve and sergeant Georgia.

McLeod’s Daughters

Arguably the most popular Australian tv show was based on a 1996 film and revolves around the sisters Clair and Tess. When their father dies, the sisters inherit part of his farm. The two ladies try to establish themselves among the traditionally male farmers; a great recipe for adventures on the countryside.


A true soap opera about the lives of people living in a dead-end street in fake Erinsborough, Ramsay Street, a suburb in Melbourne. The show was regularly broadcasted by the BBC, and was a hit from day one. Fun fact; Kylie Minogue made her acting debut on the show. What’s more, the show is still running!

Don’t forget your visa

Did all those memories make you as excited to go to Australia as us? Before you go, make sure to get your paperwork in order, which includes applying for an Australia visa. They’re very cheap and can be applied for entirely online. The eVisitor visa, as the tourist visa is known, can also be used for things like business trips or volunteer work. Take note with the latter, however: to actually work and receive a salary in Australia, you still need a special Working Holiday visa.

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