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How to get accurate EPL line-up predictions when drafting your FPL players

by John Saunders
2nd Mar 22 10:12 am

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours poring over FPL player rankings, only to have your line-up wrecked by a surprising last-minute injury or see your best players benched when the games roll around.

But with the right tools, you can get accurate EPL line-up predictions and make confident choices when drafting your FPL team. We’ll show you how to do just that in this blog post. So read on for tips on how to stay ahead of the competition!

1. Social media

Once you’ve picked out your favourite EPL teams, it’s important to follow them on social media. This will give you the latest news about injuries, line-up changes, and other potential disruptions that could affect their performance in upcoming games.

You can also get accurate Premier League predicted line-ups by following your favourite player’s Twitter account – they might even tweet out some insider knowledge!

2. Use prediction sites

Prediction sites like Drafthound, Foomni Analytics, and Fantasy Football Scout all have excellent line-ups for every game in the upcoming Premier League season.

Drafthound’s Premier League predicted lineups are based on their extensive database of historical data from previous seasons and expert analysis on stats and recent form of players. Foomni Analytics uses team news and recent selections to make predictions, while Fantasy Football Scout relies on injury reports and team news.

Drafthound offers free expert analysis, player rankings, and fixture analysis to help you make informed decisions when drafting your players.

3. Keep an eye on injuries and suspensions reports

One of the most important aspects to consider when drafting your FPL team is injury and suspension reports.

For example, if you have an injured player who’s not expected to play in the next game, you’ll need to find a replacement for that spot in your line-up.

The same goes for players who are suspended; you’ll need to find someone to fill their spot in your line-up for the duration of their suspension.

You can find all the latest injury and suspension updates on Premier League’s website. They provide timely information on which players will be available for selection each week and also list any injuries or suspensions that occur during match week.

4. Pay attention to club announcements

Club announcements also make a reliable source of information Premier League predicted line-ups. For example, if a club announces that they will be resting their star player for the upcoming game, it’s safe to assume that this player will not be in the starting line-up for that particular match.

Similarly, if a team is struggling and has announced that they will give some of their younger players a chance to prove themselves, you can expect those players to start in place of more experienced ones.

5. Consider players recent form

A player’s recent performance will tell you a lot about his chances of starting in his team’s next game.

If you have noticed that a player’s recent form is on an upward trajectory, it could be a sign that this player will play from the start in upcoming games.

Conversely, if you have noticed that a player is in poor form and has been on the bench or not played at all for his team lately, it’s likely that he won’t start in the next game.

You can also use statistics such as goal contributions (goals and assists) to ascertain how likely certain players are to start a particular match over others.

6. Check out online football chat rooms and forums

Another great way to get accurate EPL line-up predictions is to check out online football chat rooms and forums.

This is where passionate FPL fans and experts alike congregate to discuss all things football, including player selections and predicted starting line-ups.

You can gain valuable insights into which players are likely to start for their respective teams in the next game by following these discussions.


So there you have it – our top tips for getting accurate EPL line-up predictions when drafting your FPL players. By following your favourite players and teams on social media, using prediction sites, keeping an eye on injuries and suspensions reports, paying attention to club announcements, and considering players’ recent form, you’ll be well on your way to assembling a winning team this season.

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