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How to drive your conversion rate optimisation

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27th Jul 20 6:02 pm

The journey of processes between the first time a consumer learns about your business to the moment they become a paying customer involves a number of variables that affect their behavior and ultimately the conversion rate.

This is referred to as the customer journey, and customer journey optimization – CJO.

Our CJO experts here at Pearl Lemon make use of strategies that boost engagement throughout the process, resulting in increased sales and boosted customer satisfaction.

Using the latest data and analytics technologies and combining them with a wealth of marketing experience, we offer customer journey optimization services that will take your business to the next level.

The process

At Pearl Lemon Convert experts who can expertly craft each component and bring it all together to create the fine-tuned beauty of a revenue-generating machine you need your website to be.


It is essential that we have a very clear picture of where we stand. To do so we make use of customer journey mapping, heat-mapping, session mapping and recording, user testing, and more to build a map of your website as it stands right now, so we understand where all the opportunities for improvement lie.

Market research

Effective customer conversion strategies begin by understanding what your users care about and what they want. We undertake market research that digs into those needs, desires, goals, and concerns so that we can tailor your website to meet them.

Conversion strategy

Building on the analytics and market research, we create a solid conversion strategy that focuses on the improvements that will resonate most with your customers and get you the results you want and more.

Growth hacking and creativity

Our team of content creation, web design, web development and growth hacking experts craft messages that will resonate, designs that will inspire, and digital experiences that will compel your users into action.

A/B testing

We continually test different versions of our ideas, analyze the results, and make any changes needed to keep those conversions coming through A/B testing, time, and effort.

Through these techniques, we can ensure a certain level of traffic before conversion rate optimization can be effectively undertaken.

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