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How to choose the perfect cordless chainsaw

by John Saunders
24th May 22 12:31 pm

With many technologies and advances in battery performance, the cordless chainsaw has made a name for itself in garden tools. However, buying such a tool is not an easy task. Indeed, we can quickly get overwhelmed with all the brands and their different models available. Don’t panic, our team has come up to help you to choose the best cordless chainsaw uk for your garden.

What is a cordless electric chainsaw?

As you probably already know, cordless chainsaws are tools with a battery-powered electric motor. This rechargeable battery can have 18 or 36 V (volts). In general, the batteries are universal and interchangeable with other power tools from the same manufacturer.

Your needs

Before choosing your cordless electric chainsaw, you need to decide on your needs. This is due to the fact that the ordinary or mini chainsaw cordless cannot perform all the tasks. For example, a small cordless chainsaw allows you to do mainly maintenance, such as trimming or cutting small logs of wood. This device does not meet the needs of a semi-professional or professional who wants to perform intensive work.


The power of the device is expressed in watts. Cordless electric chainsaws have power ranging from 600 to 1000 watts.


The weight of the cordless electric chainsaw is quite light compared to the thermal chainsaw model. However, the battery adds a lot of weight to the device. They can add from 1 kg to an additional 2.5 kg to the weight of the device. Wired electric models are usually lighter than battery-powered models.

The level of safety of the chainsaw

Battery-powered electric chainsaws are important. Indeed, this tool remains dangerous and acute. We recommend that you take the necessary protective equipment with you before using the appliance.

That is, to choose a good cordless chainsaw, you will need to pay attention to the various benefits provided by the manufacturers.

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