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How to choose the best broadband for your needs

by John Saunders
29th May 20 2:15 pm

Often, we base our choice of broadband provider on price. We see a cheap service provider, look quickly at what they’re offering and go with it. A cheap deal may seem too good to miss, but is the cheapest deal always the best one? This post looks at how to choose the best broadband for your needs.

Consider the broadband speed

Always take speed into consideration when choosing a broadband deal. If you’re just checking emails, shopping online or doing other simple daily tasks, a speed of around 10 Mbps should do the trick. If you’re going to stream films regularly, conduct video calls or play games online, a faster speed of around 20 Mbps per person or more will be appropriate. However, be sure to check for broadband speeds in your are as the speed advertised by ISPs might vary depending on multiple factors.

Think about how many people will be connecting to the broadband

Unless you live on your own, more than one person is likely to be using the internet. They might also be connecting more than one device to it as well, such as their tablet and mobile phone, which can place more demands on your internet connection. If this is going to be the case, it’s best to go for a higher speed and unlimited broadband.

Decide your budget

How much can you afford to pay each month? Decide what it is, but don’t base your decision purely on the price and choose the cheapest deal going. If the connection turns out to be slow and unreliable, you’re going to regret selecting the cheapest option, especially if you’ve not cancelled during the ‘cool down’ period and, as a result, have locked yourself into the agreement until it expires.

There are lots of different broadband deals out there, so visit a comparison website, see what kind of offers are available and choose one that suits your needs and remains within your budget. Note that it might be cheaper to sign up for a bundle, which could include phone calls and/or TV, than just hire the broadband service.

Read reviews

If a deal takes your fancy, why not chat to others who are using the service provider who are offering the deal and see what they think? Read online reviews and find out what kind of reputation the service provider has. Do people complain about their internet coverage? Do they complain about the customer service? Would the reviewer recommend the service provider? A quick read of the reviews could save you from signing up with a poor internet company.

Be aware of the contract length

A price may seem good, but you should also check how long the contract is. Prices can go up, which you won’t appreciate if you’ve locked yourself into a long contract. Some providers offer price guarantees, however, under which the price won’t go up until the contract expires. Read the small print and check with the service provider.

Price is important, but it’s not the only thing to keep in mind when choosing a broadband deal. Factors such as how you’re going to use the internet, who’s going to use it and how long the contract is are just as important things to consider. Remember the factors above when browsing through deals so you can pick the right deal for you.

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