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How the official residences of the G20 Heads of State compare

19th Dec 16 11:29 am

Which world leader has the most valuable home?

China’s President Xi Jingping has the largest and most valuable official residence of any G20 leader, new research from online estate agent, Hatched has found.

President Xi Jingping residence covers a vast amount of land at 3,439,830m2. If this property was put up for sale on the local market it would be worth a massive £31bn.

Downing Street comes out as one of the smallest and least valuable residences in G20, ranking only 17th with a value of £5.4m.

Hatched also took into consideration each country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and looked at the value of each residence as a percentage against this.

Vladimir Putin’s home would be worth just north of ten figures, if it were sold it would account for 0.9911 per cent of the entire country’s GDP.

Turkey’s leader, Recep Erdoğan’s Presidential complex is 50 times the size of the White House, it was recently revamped in 2014 with luxury marble and it’s market value is over £522m.

Adam Day, managing director at Hatched, said: “As the leaders of 20 of the biggest, most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world you would expect their homes to be impressive.”

“We wanted to see not only who holds the property bragging rights in the G20 but also which leader’s residence would be worth the most on the local market.”

“As a real estate mogul President-elect, Donald Trump, won’t be too pleased to see his new home is one of the smallest and least valuable in the G20 – especially after he’s left the extravagance of Trump Tower.”

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