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How mobile betting can boost your online sports betting business

by John Saunders
27th Jan 21 5:49 pm

The Digital revolution is considered to be one of the best things that ever happened to the iGaming industry. It brought the current saturation of broadband, the massive proliferation of mobile phones and various hand-held devices, in this way expanding the different online betting possibilities and moving sports betting industry one step forward.

Businesses, that were flexible and correctly assessed the potential of mobile, accepted the challenge of the time and took full advantage of mobile opportunities to fuel the growth of their online gaming businesses. Here are some key factors why you might choose an online betting software solution with the mobile-first capability and how it can positively affect your business.

Mobile technology can be beneficial for your betting business

People have become more and more connected to their mobile phones and devices in recent years. To support this point of view, it is worth mentioning that in 2021 the number of smartphone users worldwide reaches up to 3.8 billion .  One more telling data – mobile accounts are about 60 % of web traffic worldwide. Different emerging digital markets even skipped the desktop internet phase and directly moved into mobile internet via mobile and tablet devices. So, in terms of mobile domination tendencies betting industry could not be an exception. Far-sighted betting software provider companies aim to cater to sport betting lovers’ and consequently betting operators’ requirements giving much importance to mobile innovation capabilities.

At  Digitain we accepted the challenge of the mobile-first revolution and turned it into the new opportunity. Our sports betting software is completely mobile friendly as it offers both web mobile version and native mobile applications for iOS and Android operations. Our partners can provide their users with an enjoyable and flexible mobile betting experience all over the world.

Betting platform users/sports betting lovers prefer to bet via mobile devices

It is clear that there are a lot of reasons why sports betting lovers prefer to bet mobile devices. To move the business forward, the sports betting and online gaming operators might look through all these factors to choose the proper software solutions to engage more users. Here are some key reasons why sports betting lovers enjoy mobile betting.

Easy accessibility to betting platforms

The pace of life is extremely dynamic these days. People in the 21st century often have to move very quickly from one location to another and do several things at the same time. Naturally, betting platform users are also people on move who are hampered by the restrictions of time and space. Mobile betting capabilities strip away all these restrictions and allow users to have one-touch access to their betting accounts whenever and wherever they are.

Most betting products are available on mobile

Currently, the leading sports betting software providers strive to ensure the availability of all their products and features in the mobile version of their software. So, opting for the right online gaming supplier you can attract more and more mobile users to your betting platform. Your betting platform users will definitely appreciate your efforts to provide them with favourable conditions and great mobile betting opportunities regardless of their location and the time of the sports events they are interested in. With mobile betting they no longer have to sit in front of their fed tops and a good internet connection and smartphones are enough to bet on.

 User – friendly features

According to the research by Tecmark marketing agency, the average user now picks up the mobile device more than 1,500 times a week to complete various tasks from emails to playing games and posting to social media. It means that mobile devices are as effective as computers in their functionality and it is possible to avoid turning on the computer.

The betting operators should consider this requirement as well and opt for the iGaming software solution provider that offers mobile user – friendly features. If your betting platform users find all the necessary features and tools in their smartphone, they will definitely enjoy playing there, will be loyal and always will come back.

Top of the line betting software provider companies get the wide opportunities of the continued advancement of mobile technology and offer their partners more and more mobile-based features.

Security and privacy measures

Mobile betting software suppliers use cutting-edge security measures to ensure that betting platform users’ personal data remain safe and secure, and are not compromised by cybercriminals. In general, the same security measures are developed both for mobile and desktop. However, the players may feel safer while betting via hand-held devices as they come with inbuilt security. For instance, Android devices have fingerprint sensors option, facial locks and different passwords availabilities and Apple mobile devices FaceID and other security features which minimize the risk of unauthorized access to betting accounts.

Simple to use transactions

When it comes to topping-up a betting account replenishment it is very fast and simple. Today’s betting apps allow different payment options such as bank transfers, cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies. And it is easy to use all these payment methods when you are betting via hand-held device.

According to another research, mobile gaming revenues significantly exceed desktop version as mobile players are more likely to bet on this channel. The reason behind this can be the availability to place bets any time they want and anywhere they are, plus it is 100% secure.

Why Digitain’s Sportsbook mobile applications are outstanding

As we have already stated, most betting platform users prefer functional mobile applications instead of the web interface, considering them more friendly in terms of speed and functionality. At Digitain, alongwith a flexible web platform that supports different screen sizes, we also create engaging and functional mobile betting capabilities. Our sports betting software offers both web mobile version and native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Being individually developed for each operating system, the applications deliver a high level of operational efficiency on devices. The specifics of each platform have been explored in detail during the development process. Supporting the full range of Digitain’s sportsbook functionalities, its mobile applications are also equipped with specific features that ensure a higher user-engagement level.

The modern approaches in mobile development ensure the real-time update of the application’s data, which results in the advanced level of application performance.

Here are details about some of the features of mobile applications.  By the way, you can request the demo

Login with fingerprint or pin feature

As an additional security method, mobile apps provide the players with Fingerprint or Pin login feature. When accessing eir account in the application, the system offers to select the method of quick login. If the user’s device unlocking method is pin code or fingerprint, log in with Fingerprint or Pin option will be offered as well. This option allows the players to synchronize the unlocking method of the device for the quick login into the players’ accounts in the application.

Pin stream feature

The option of stream pinning allows the players watching the stream of the game, they are interested in and continue browsing the pages and making bets in the application.

 Instant bet feature

This feature allows players to make instant (one tap) bets without the risk of being mistaken. By holding the selected odds pressed, Quick Bet pop-up window is opened, where the players can see the outcome, which they have chosen for the bet before the bet is made.  Therefore, there is no risk of placing the bet with the wrong odds.

 Event reminder feature

The feature uses the native calendar of a device, it allows adding a pre-match event in the calendar and receiving remainders of event start.


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