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How can I improve my international SEO?

by John Saunders
26th Nov 21 11:12 am

“Research” is the crux of a victorious international SEO strategy. Therefore, if you want to maximise the current revenue growth and expand the horizons of your business, thinking out of the box and evaluating the data will be highly beneficial. On the contrary, failing to identify the target market or identifying the right in-country language will be very embarrassing and potentially damaging for the business website.

These conventional strategies are the sole cause of the failure of prominent brands out there. Not many business owners realise that research is a major part of international SEO. Here, we will highlight the best tips to improve international SEO:

See what the trend is

Begin with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and acknowledge where else you are looking for the organic traffic on your website. How many languages do you have to promote your product or service in? What are the trend statistics there? Now, we recommend you dig deeper into the crux of the discussion here. Look for the best ranking keywords and see how you can use them to the fullest.

If you don’t have hands-on experience in carving stellar international SEO strategies before, consider getting help from local SEO agencies per each country to easier acquire authoriative and relevant artilces and guest posts. Or go for a collective like SEO Ibérica that can manage it for you. You can also make the most out of tools such as Searchmetrics, SEMrush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. There is plenty of guides to follow.

Decide on market and language strategy

In simplest terms, growing the language in markets that you’re already proficient in will require less investment of time and energy. So while doing research, if you have unleashed various areas where the growth potential is high, you must focus on it to the fullest. Therefore, to generate the best results from international SEO strategies, ensure that you target languages and country-specific factors. Not to forget, the search trends vary across regions and continue to change as Google’s algorithm changes.

Because Spanish, English and French are the most popular languages globally, the search trends continue to evolve for them. You might come across the fact that the organic search engine volume isn’t enough to justify the target market. Furthermore, if you have enough resources to target various regions, you can give it a go without any reservations.

Do keyword research

Identifying your competitors and the top performers in the international markets will help set the targets for growth. As a first step, you must identify the potential of every market. It’s like with every new market, define your buyer persona. In marketing it can be helpful to consult growth marketing agencies to kickstart your campaign. Do your own research but we recommend local digital hearos before bigger players. Check out The Gist People. After all, keyword research helps to look for different opportunities in the local market. You also get to know about the relevant phrases and keywords that are suitable for products. services.

Thankfully, various online tools will expand the keyword pool. Ensure that you’re working in coherence with the search data from the leading search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google etc. Therefore, it is essential that the keyword research is carried out according to the target language. Once done right, you can improve the international SEO without much effort in the long run.

Scrutinise your images

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. You need to think wisely when selecting the words that need to be placed on the website. Once infused, an image will help in paddling information about your company to the audience. Here, you can hugely benefit from the localisation experts, since they will also help in the cultural norms and not just the language.

For instance, a company that is invested in sharing information about the tallest structures in the world might get hounded by the masses, if one of its pictures carries a negative connotation amongst the locals. Therefore, one needs to be wise enough when selecting images that have to be used in blogs and articles.

Monitor your content and always be hands-on with upgrading

Because Google continues to change its algorithm every few months, your content has to be at the top of the game. Just as the English language keeps on changing with the search engine’s algorithm, you need to be attentive towards changing the content and using the relevant keywords. However, if you fail to witness the results, consider changing the keywords and see if they can bring a change to your website.

Ensure that the website is resubmitted for indexing. Once the changes have been made, you will see how the relevant search engines are captured. Once the content is updated and uploaded on the platform, your website will eventually make it appear at the top of the search engine.


How to do SEO for an international website?

Ensure that you know what the international content will provide you. Choose a user-friendly SEO structure for the website. Don’t forget that you support international SEO, which has more signals.

What are the most sought after tips for international SEO?

Conduct strong keyword research, like the regular SEO because research is an important segment of the international SEO.  Select a certain language that you have to focus on. Make sure you infuse the culture in your design.

How to target SEO in another country?

Always use a country-specific domain and choose a location that is a part of the Google Search Console. Make sure to add Google My Business. Ensure that you host a local website.

How to rank globally in international SEO?

This is an important part of the process since every business wants to rank internationally. Ensure that you build trust in every market out there and take the NAP seriously. Choose the SEO goals globally and see how they can help you out.

How long does it take for a website to get ranked internationally?

Depending on the goals of your business and how many countries you decide to target, time will vary as well. In other words, if you want to rank everywhere, it might take a while for the website to cement a strong reputation in the search engine. In most cases, it takes a few weeks for a website to appear amongst the top results in the search engine.

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