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How London-based startups are using oak doors to stand out from the competition

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Jul 23 10:39 am

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the business world, an aesthetically pleasing office or premises for your company can be a huge incentive for customers to invest in your products or services.

If you want to step up your game, here are 3 ways that  oak doors can help you to stand out from your competitors in the London based start-up market.

1. Oak is incredibly durable

As one of the strongest woods around, oak is a great example of a durable wood for both internal and external doors. As oak is a hardwood, it is much more weather resistant than softwoods like pine, which are often cheaper, but will age faster.

This means you can keep your premises looking sharp for longer, and with a properly maintained and varnished oak door, you can expect around a 30 year lifespan.

If you’re looking for high quality oak doors for the inside of your company premises, visit oakwooddoors.co.uk for a wide range of internal oak doors to suit every taste.

2. Natural oak is a great compliment to any colour scheme

If you have a colour scheme in mind for your office, you’ll be pleased to know that the shade of natural oak will pair perfectly with a huge range of colours and decor ideas.

You can use a stain to darken your oak doors if you need to, or use a clear oil to prevent staining from oily hands, or accidental marks.

Companies like Ronseal can supply stains and oils for your oak doors, whether for internal or external purposes. If you’re looking for a hard wearing stain, you could use the 10 year woodstain for your external doors, which protects from rain, frost, snow and sun.

Additionally, oak is commonly used for flooring due to its durability and hardwearing nature. This makes matching your doors to your flooring much easier, and will help you to deliver a consistent theme throughout your business’ premises.

3. A natural noise reductor

Oak is a natural insulator, making it a perfect choice for a company office where you can hold discreet meetings with customers or employees.

By using doors made from solid oak, you can feel assured that noise from external traffic or indoor business will be significantly reduced.

You can also invest in acoustic door seals from companies like Stormflame, who can provide you with the perfect door seals to maximise the sound reduction in your office.

Do you know of any other reasons why London-based start-ups should use oak doors in their business premises? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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