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Understanding window replacement in Toronto

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29th Jan 19 12:07 pm

Window replacement is a great investment. You will see this come in handy especially when you will be selling your house.  It is estimated that homeowners who do replacement before selling their homes recoup over 70% of the cost because the new windows increase the value of their property.

Window replacement is one of those home chores that many potential buyers don’t want to do immediately they buy their house. As such buyers are likely to give a higher quote on a house that had replacement doors and windows. However, that is not to mean you should only replace your windows when you want to sell your home. Window replacement comes with other added advantages such as improved curb appeal and enhanced energy consumption.

1. Do your windows require replacement?

If your windows are new, they will not necessarily need to be replaced. You may only need to fix some minor issues to get them back in their original condition and efficiency.

However, if your windows have seen some days and they are currently not working as they used to work, then you should consider window replacement immediately.

And if you can see clearly some warping, rotting, damages or peeling n your window frames, then this could be the best time to consider replacing them.

2. Replacement window installation.

There are two main window replacement types, and each affects the final cost of replacing windows differently. The first one is full window replacement and the second one is retrofit window replacement.

In the former, there is total removal of the window and the frame and replacing them with the new ones. This is the sure way to make your windows more energy efficient. Full window replacement is used when your windows are ancient and beaten, and you need to make your home energy efficient and good looking.

The second method involves installing a window in the existing window frame. It is preferred where the frame is in excellent condition, and only windows have minor problems. It is less costly than full window replacement.

3. Repairing windows.

This is yet another option a homeowner can opt for. You can repair the windows rather than replacing them. You can repair damages frames, damages sashes and any other regular problems that can occur over time.

4. Best types of windows

When you plan to do window replacement, there are many options for you to choose from. There are vinyl windows that are popular choices for most homeowners. These have a lifespan of anywhere between 20-50 years with minimal tear and wear. These windows are durable, strong, and inexpensive and look elegant if maintained well.

There is also an option of wooden windows. They look great but are prone to warp, crack and rot. They are also not durable.

Another option is aluminium windows. These are very durable, but they don’t look attractive. However, you can incorporate wood materials to enjoy both worlds of wood and aluminium.

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