Hike in rail prices sees London commuters spend six times more than employees across Europe


Have the new fares affected you?

Commuters in London are spending six times more on rail fares than employees who work across Europe.

Over the past decade rail prices have soared and have increased twice as much as wages and inflation.

The Action for Rail campaign has said workers spend around 14 per cent of their wages on a monthly season ticket in some parts of the UK, this includes lines going into London.

It comes after higher prices came into effect on Monday.

The study also found commuters going into the capital pay an average of £387 a month, this is compared to £61 in Paris or Rome.

The rise in train fares will see many campaigners staging protests at more than 100 stations in support of public ownership.

Mick Whelan, leader of the drivers’ union Aslef, said: “It is scandalous that the government is allowing privatised train companies to make even more money for providing an ever-poorer service.”

“We have the most expensive railway in Europe and the train companies, aided and abetted by this government, are about to make it even more costly for people to travel.”