Hic! Coca Cola to launch first alcoholic drink


Global giant breaking 130-year-old tradition

One of the world’s most famous soft drinks, Coca-Cola, is breaking away from its 130-year old tradition and planning to launch its first alcoholic drink.

The US company is currently experimenting with the creation of a type of Japanese alcopop, Chu-Hi, which is essentially a watered-down mix of the shōchū spirit with flavoured carbonate water.

Confirming this development on the company’s website, Jorge Garduño, Coca-Cola’s Japan president, said: “This is a canned drink that includes alcohol; traditionally, it is made with a distilled beverage called shochu and sparkling water, plus some flavouring. We haven’t experimented in the low alcohol category before, but it’s an example of how we continue to explore opportunities outside our core areas.”

The beverage will reportedly contain alcohol content between 3 and 8 per cent — a profile that has put them in direct competition with beer, and proved particularly attractive to female drinkers.

The group had launched Coca-Cola Plus last year which was a version of Coke with added fiber for Japan’s ageing population.