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HGH replacement for adults: How much for the youth?

by John Saunders
29th Jun 20 12:35 pm

Many people suddenly start feeling tired in middle age. They start gaining weight around the middle and start forgetting where they put the keys or wallets. These changes could be to stress overload, a lot going on with the kids, or simply eating at home more recently. However, it could also be because you have a hormone deficiency.

How hormones work

There are a number of hormones that help our bodies grow and develop over the years. Most understand the general purposes of testosterone in men and hormones like estrogen and progesterone in women. There are other hormones, like the human growth hormone (HGH), that work in conjunction with these to provide a balanced body. It is the growth hormone that concerns many people today because it affects aging symptoms.

The growth hormone, produced in the brain by the pituitary gland, kicks into high production in children. It helps children grow taller, stronger, and healthy. It helps bones become dense, muscles grow definition and helps all organs function correctly.

What happens when you age

HGH deficiencies start occurring in adults once they hit middle age. It has been shown that humans lose between 12 and 15 percent of growth hormone production over a decade beginning at age 30. This is what leads to things like a loss of concentration, brittle bones, and what is commonly called a “muffin top.” It also results in a loss of energy.

There are some who experience an unnatural loss of HGH production. This can occur in a number of ways including:

  • A traumatic injury
  • Medical treatments
  • Cancer or tumors on the pituitary gland
  • Environmental issues causing an unnatural decline

Benefits of growth hormone replacement

Some other legally approved uses for human growth hormone replacement therapy include conditions like short-bowel syndrome, where a person can’t absorb nutrients properly either from disease or where surgery resulted in the removal of a portion of the small intestine, and a disease affecting muscles in those with HIV and AIDS.

There are many people, from famous inventors to celebrities, who seek HGH replacement therapy to help ease symptoms of aging and give them back the vitality they had when they were younger. Science is skeptical about the human growth hormone being used to fight anti-aging because studies have shown it to have limited effects in controlling issues like weight gain.

According to well-known Medzone Clinic, taking growth hormone injections also has its dangers with side effects with the most serious of the long-range side effects being cancer. However, many of those cases were related to those taking the growth hormone illegally without a doctor’s prescription. It is illegal to obtain and take the human growth hormone without a doctor’s consult.

Clinics offering therapies require a legitimate prescription to issue ongoing therapy. That means you must consult with a doctor, take a blood test, and be validated as having an unnatural occurring hormone deficiency. In other words, your hormone deficiency must be more severe than the naturally occurring decline in other people your age.

Those who proceed with human growth hormone replacement treatments do see positive results such as:

  • An increased exercise capacity
  • Increased strength
  • A reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved bone density
  • More overall energy

The cost of hormone replacement

Hormone replacement therapy can be costly, depending on the exact treatment and the length of time you are in therapy. It also depends on which growth hormone product you use as some are more costly than others. Typically, those products start prices at around $3,000 a year but can go up past $30,000 a year at most USA clinics. Some health insurance may cover the cost of HGH replacement, but others do not so it is always best to check beforehand to get approval.

Those who feel they may need or benefit from hormone replacement therapy first need to know where their hormone levels are. The first thing to do is to schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss therapy and take a blood test. Once you understand your own hormone levels, you and your doctor can decide whether HRT treatment would benefit you or whether you should start with natural, over-the-counter products to see if they reduce your symptoms.

Once you know your numbers, you and your doctor can better identify the cost of treatments. For those who are curious about getting hormone replacement therapy, you can fill out the form below to get more information.

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