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Here’s what could wreak havoc during your Christmas celebrations

by LLB Reporter
18th Dec 17 10:05 am

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With over 70 per cent of Brits planning to dine out with their friends or families at some point over the festive season, research from Italian restaurant chain, Zizzi, has shown that a massive one third (33 per cent) of groups dining out cannot agree on where to eat.

As 64 per cent of respondents said that either they are themselves, or they know, a fussy eater, 1 in 5 (20 per cent) believe that deciding on a venue that everyone agrees on is one of the biggest causes of arguments amongst friends and families when it comes to eating out, with the same number saying that finding something for everyone on the menu is also a recipe for rowing.

Other causes of arguments included finding a date or time that suits everyone (12 per cent), waiting for slow eaters (10 per cent) and agreeing how the bill should be split (20 per cent).

Over two thirds (68 per cent) said that they have, or they would, compromise on their own eating habits in order to help diffuse arguments, with over half (55 per cent) saying that getting along with their friends and family over the festive period is more important to them than their own dietary needs.

Of those surveyed with specialist diets, three in five vegans (63 per cent) admitted to having ‘relaxed’ their principles when eating out, and 73 per cent of those with a form of gluten intolerance have risked feeling sick because a non-gluten option wasn’t available.

Similarly, further research found that almost half of potential diners (45 per cent) admit to having bailed on a social gathering over the festive period for fear of there not being a healthy option available.  

When asked which diets are the hardest to cater for, veganism came out on top, with non-gluten diets a close second.

  1. Vegan (20 per cent)
  2. Non-gluten or coeliac (18 per cent)
  3. Non-dairy or lactose intolerant (11 per cent)
  4. Halal (10 per cent)
  5. Kosher (8 per cent)
  6. Vegetarian (7 per cent)
  7. Low-fat (6 per cent)
  8. Diabetic
  9. Low-sugar
  10. Nut allergy

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