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Hair transplant in Turkey with virtual hair transplant consultations

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17th Mar 21 5:37 pm

Hair transplant in Turkey has been very popular. Every year hundreds of thousands of patients travel to Turkey to have hair transplant treatments because hair transplant Turkey offers high-quality hair transplant treatments at affordable prices. Turkey keeps its leading position because of the lower labour costs and exchange rate.

So, if you are interested in having your hair transplant in Turkey, how do you have your hair transplant consultation with clinics in Turkey?

Traditional hair transplant consultation in Turkey

As you would not be near the clinics you are interested in. You first need to contact the hair transplant clinics online. A case manager or patient experience specialist would contact you and ask you to send the photographs of your head, both the donor areas and the recipient areas. Along with your photographs, most probably you will be asked to answer or fill in a set of questions related to your medical condition to make sure that you are medically fit to have a hair transplant. Then all this information is sent to the hair transplant team. Then, the hair transplant team evaluates your photos and medical history form to see whether you are eligible for a hair transplant. And if you are eligible, they suggest the approximate number of grafts you will get and if this would be enough to cover your balding areas. They contact back the case manager. And finally, your case manager gives you your treatment plan. This is how the current “remote transplantation consultation” system works.

As you can also feel while you read the current system does not provide an efficient and 24/7 hair transplant consultation experience that complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). But there is nothing to worry about as a new era has started for hair transplant consultations.

A new era in hair transplant consultations-virtual hair transplant consultations

You can now have your virtual hair transplant consultation 24/7, get your treatment plan in minutes without any concerns about your data privacy. Do you wonder how? We will get to that. But first, let’s clarify what a virtual hair transplant consultation means exactly as there is great confusion about it. Virtual consultation is often mixed up with online consultation. However, virtual consultation is way different from an online consultation. Online consultation is simply talking to your doctor via WhatsApp or Zoom.  So, what exactly is virtual hair transplant consultation?

What is a virtual hair transplant consultation

Virtual hair transplant consultation is like a smart hair transplant doctor that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In a virtual hair transplant consultation, you use a website/platform where you can ask questions and get an answer to your questions, you can upload your pictures, fill in a medical history form, find out how many grafts you get and your treatment plant, and finally book your treatment. All of these happen in minutes. You can also book a video consultation with your doctor through the platform.

What are the benefits of a virtual hair transplant consultation

Virtual Hair Transplant Consultation is beneficial both for patients and healthcare professionals. But in this article, let’s only focus on the benefits for patients. As a patient, you can access all information for your questions on a single platform. In that platform, you can get your treatment plan, book your video consultation with your doctor, and book your treatment in less than 10 minutes. So, virtual consultation is very time efficient. Also, you can have your virtual consultation any time in the day because your smart hair transplant consultation assistant is available 24/7.

And last but not least, your photos and medical data is safe because the platform provides privacy and confidentiality in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union.

How can you have your virtual hair transplant consultation

This sounds perfect, doesn’t it? So, how are you going to have a virtual hair transplant consultation? As virtual hair transplant consultation has opened a new era in hair transplant consultations, it is not very prevalent as of yet! Some pioneering medical travel companies offering hair transplant Turkey such as MCAN Health provides their patients with virtual hair transplant consultations. If you are interested in having a “ hair transplant Turkey , you can have your personalised hair treatment plan based on an accurate graft calculation in minutes.

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